Monday, October 17, 2016

Hover Camera is the flagship flying camera brand developed by Zero Zero Robotics.

Zero Zero Robotics’ first flagship product, developed under the Hover Camera brand, is Hover Camera Passport - the first Embedded Artificial Intelligence powered mass-consumer flying camera of its kind that’s easy-to-use, safe, and portable - ideally suited to capture you during your sojourns around the world from breathtaking perspectives.



Using face detection technology, Hover Camera Passport can track your face and accompany your journey.


Whether you’re jogging, skating, biking, or street dancing, Hover Camera Passport can keep up with your activities as it follows you.


Unlike drones, Hover Camera Passport’s enclosed carbon fiber form factor enables you to grab it mid-air to retrieve it.


Hover Camera Passport weighs in at a mere 242 grams, meaning you don’t need to be registered to use it in some regions.


Film yourself autonomously as Hover Camera Passport circles around you.

360 SPIN

Capture 360 degrees of panoramic video, featuring you in your environment

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