Monday, October 3, 2016

Armorhamster - custom modding computer mouse with armor, rivets and mechanisms imitation at industrial/sci-fi/cyberpunk style.

The mouse has a laser sensor with a change of resolution 600/1000 dpi and additional navigation keys. On the back of the mouse located a window with a cold blue light.

All new parts made of plastic, the mouse does not get heavier.
I can't make a 100% copy. Each mouse is a unique and unrepeatable.

My hobby - modding. This transformation of ordinary things into extraordinary.
Basically, I do computer accessories and periphery. For example, a computer mouse, usb flash drives, gamepads, cases for smartphones. Sometimes I do home furnishings - photo frames, clocks, jewelry boxes.
I work in the style of steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk and post-apocalypse.

I keep a few principles in the creation of my products.
- Ease of use, usefulness, ergonomics.
- Reliability and durability.
- Uniqueness.

All my products made primarily of plastic. They are lightweight and durable, it is convenient to use every day. If we talk about mice and other technology, I always keep to ergonomics. All new items are in the usual circuit of the original product, and do not interfere with your hand.
All items I cover durable two-component paint, which is commonly used in car repair. It protects the product for a long period. In this case, it is not toxic and has no smell. I only use high quality materials from European and Japanese manufacturers.All my products - my handmade. I often work to order. But even in those cases when you need to repeat, I do not 100% copy.

The Story:

''A few years ago I became interested in modding. I read articles, forums, looked cool works of other artists. And I really wanted to try to do something unusual. I decided to try to do something with my computer mouse. But just repaint was simple and boring. And then I remembered about my collection of plastic robots, which I collected in my childhood. I found them and "let them go under the knife." I took some parts from them, cut, bent, glued and screwed them to the mouse. I primed it, painted and covered with varnish - so there was a first "armorhamster". One day, my friend, who saw this creature asked me why I still do not sell it? First "armorhamster" I left as a souvenir, but the second I already sold)
Since then, I constantly improve my techniques, learning new techniques and expand its range of products. Most often, I have been working on the order. Of course, sometimes I realize my own ideas, which allow to discover something new.'' - Alexander Nesterov, Armorhamster.

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