Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A lot of people never realize that when they bought their first smartphone - they have made a very intense and long-lasting commitment. Just like in the times of Steve Jobs and his invention of Lisa, or presentation of Windows 95, or even the invention of an iPod - all these small «revolutions» were all about to lock the potential and actual users in their own ecosystems - no matter what new device they have been diving in. And the most interesting thing - the inventors of the first smart homes - KNOW ABOUT THIS phenomenon - which gives them a giant handicap in gaining people’s attention to something really revolutionary without even spending extra money on the advertisement.

In any way - today we will talk about things you may need to know about the technology of a smart home.

First, the specialists say, that the year of 2015 was a BIG ONE for the development of the home automation. Why? Because this is when the real race between inventors and patent owners began. Apple, Samsung, Google - and even General Electrics and Staples compete each other to draw your attention to their and only their smart home devices that promise to make your life smooth and easy.

1. Number one in our improvised chart is Apple Inc., who lets your iPhone to control everything (or nearly everything) in your home starting from locks and lights and finishing with windows and centralized music stereo system. Plus (very important part) - specialists claim Apple solutions to be the most secure in the market for now.

2. Wink smart home technologies go straight after - and guess what - what is thought to be a small startup - was powered by such a giant like General Electrics. Yes, it is an app. And it allows your smart home devices to interact with each other - and do it independently. Cool, huh? Although requires a $50 worth hub, the technology involves not only Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and other wireless techs are there for you!

3. GWWN - stands for Google Works With Nest - long name for the sake of simplifying the home of the future and at the same time - making it more smart / secure / and convenient. The main feature for now - is a self-learning temperature control system. And yes, it learns your behavior and the temperature patterns you use. Smart is getting smarter - didn’t you know?

4. Smart Things from a giant Samsung links together TV-sets produced at their plants with compatible third-party gadgets. The hub however, this time costs $99 - BUT! It will knock out all Android fans in one time (not only, but you know how many are there in the world) - and the price becomes less important. Battery backup is a promising new feature.

And the most important. You actually don’t need any hubs to make your home smarter, no no. Inventors say, it is just EASIER for you to control all the devices if they are linked trough one little box. But in any way - it is you to decide!

Author bio:
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