Building A New iHouse?

Building a New iHouse?

No, Apple isn’t getting into the real estate game, any more than Android is, however, both of these operating systems are starting to take on a new role when it comes to building new houses. So what does your smartphone have to do with your house? How about the ability to control just about everything, all with a tap of your fingers. Want to turn the heat on so your house is warm before you get home? There’s an app for that. Comfortable in bed and don’t want to get up to turn the lights off? There’s an app for that too. With the advances of technology, homes are also getting a few upgrades, now your smartphone can control your smarthome.

So how does the Smarthome Work?

While many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home, when it comes to a smarthome, we need a little more than that; we need a brain.

For tech savvy homeowners, a computer is set up and connected through the entire house. This computer is connected to just about everything from the lights, thermostat, security system, surround sound, and just about everything electronic. By using a special interface, typically an app on a smartphone or tablet, a user / homeowner can not only control all of these aspects, but monitor them as well.

Adjusting the Temperature

This is fast becoming one of the most popular features of the smarthome, the ability to adjust the heating and air conditioning remotely. This is great for a number of reasons. It allows you to get you house to the ideal temperature before you get there, heating it up in the winter, and cooling it down in the summer. More importantly, it helps you to control your energy bills. There’s nothing worse than going away on vacation, only to find you left the air conditioning on the whole time, which can often triple your electricity bill. Now, with the power of the smarthome app, you can quickly and easily check what’s on and running, even when you’re away. If you accidentally left the AC on, just a quick tap of your fingers can turn it off, saving you a lot of money and a great deal of hassle.

Get the Lights?

Smarthomes also give you the ability to control the lights remotely. While this can be particularly indulgent for those who like to get comfortable in bed while reading but don’t want to get up to turn the lights off to sleep. However, there’s more to it than that. Having the ability to control the lights can make your home safer, and still cut down on the electric bill. Simply turn the lights on as you’re coming home, when you need them. This illuminates walkways while discouraging intruders making the night safer all around. Because you’re only turning the lights on when you need them, this is incredibly energy efficient, making it better for your wallet and the environment.

Having this kind of technology in your home might seem like a luxury, but there is a great deal of practical application to it as well. Making your home greener and safer is always a good thing, and the return on investment for the resale value of your home makes it easy to justify the expense. All in all, when you’re building a new home, consider the application of taking it to the next level.

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Ken Ulrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group granite and quartz countertops

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