Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meetingbird is a project-based meeting platform that makes teams more transparent and productive.

Project-based meetings

Have lots of related or recurring meetings? Use Meetingbird Projects to group meetings by a common purpose like "Customer Onboarding Meetings" or "Pitch meetings". Anyone on your team can follow a Project to stay informed on meetings they might not attend themselves.

Meetings with accountability

Tired of unproductive meetings? With anonymous feedback built into every meeting, Meetingbird makes it easy to discover the meetings that are working well and the ones that need improvement.

Powerful collaboration

Built from the ground up with real-time collaboration in mind, Meetingbird allows you and your team members to edit meeting content together. And with Meetingbird's powerful sharing features, collaborating with someone outside of your team is as simple as sending them a link.

All of your meeting content in one place

With Meetingbird, all of your organization's meetings notes, agendas, and decisions live in a single, searchable place. Say goodbye to the mess of google docs and emailed notes.

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