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Logo Design Trends For 2016 

Logo design is an essential part of brand identity. Use these modern ideas to create a bold and contemporary look for your company in 2016. 

Your company logo is about so much more than just an attractive piece of artwork. When designed correctly, your logo helps to launch your brand identity. It can convey your company ethos, success and style. The most well-known logos are identifiable even without the brand name appearing next to them. If you think about the famous swoosh of Nike or Apple’s bitten piece of fruit emblem, most consumers would recognise these anywhere. But how do we go about creating a successful logo in this modern digital age?


One way to create the biggest impact is to design a simple logo that boldly attracts an audience for all the right reasons. However, it should support your brand identity rather than explain it. There is no need for intricate and complex illustration or too much wording accompanying a logo. Instead, simplicity is key. This is known as minimalism and is a big design trend for 2016. With this in mind, it is important to choose a simple but unique emblem that is easy to replicate across all marketing mediums. Remember that your logo will be appearing on your stationery, your website, potentially vans, supermarket shelves, t-shirts, keyrings, mugs etc. Therefore it is vital that you choose a logo that looks good whether featured on a small branded item or spread across a large billboard.


Colour selection is also important when considering your logo design. Research shows that impulse buyers are most attracted to the colours of red, orange, black and blue. On the other hand shades of pink, teal, light and navy blues appeal to the budget-conscious shopper.
However, there will be times when it is a good idea to freshen up your brand identity and perhaps give it a revamp. Therefore, it is important to bear in the mind that the best types of logo look attractive in any colour scheme.

Dynamic logos are a style of brand emblem that regularly change, often in colour, but still manage to stay the same in some way so that you’re able to easily identify with it. If you’re interested in creating a dynamic style for your own brand then be sure to try out your potential logo in a monochrome scheme to check that it looks strong regardless of the colours.

Typefaces For Mobile

Mobile searches have now outgrown Internet activity on desktops. As consumers are surfing the net to look for anything from holidays and hotels to fashion and food, it is important that brand logos are designed to accommodate the latest design functionality. In particular, typefaces that are featured on logos should be displayed using sans-serif letters. This will allow the type to scale well which is important when considering the varying sizes of mobile and tablet screens. Even Google has jumped on the bandwagon and recently updated its typeface in September 2015.

Now that you have some ideas of what to include in your modern logo design, you’re ready to get started. Begin by considering who your target audience is and what the main purpose is for your brand. Keep these key points at the front of your mind and you’ll go on to create a winning and memorable look for your brand.

Author bio:
Lee Sturgess is the Founder and Creative Director of Polar Creative in Essex, which provides a range of creative marketing solutions, including Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Brochure and Exhibition Displays.

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