URB-E: The world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle

URB-E is designed and built in Pasadena California by hand out of carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. Engineered by former Porsche Lead Engineer, we’ve created the highest quality foldable electric vehicle in existence. Super lightweight. Super portable. Super powerful. Made in America.

  • URBAN626 was founded in 2015
  • Pasadena-based startup primarily funded by local investors.
  • Unlike other e-vehicles designed primarily for entertainment (e.g. phunkee duck), the URB-E is a functional electric vehicle that is versatile enough to solve pain points for the last mile commuter. That said, the URB-E is designed to be fun, easy to use, and customizable with inserts and accessories.
  • URB-E’s Cofounding designer is a professor at Pasadena Art Center and former Designer at Vans and DVS.
  • URB-E’s Cofounding engineer came from Saleen GT, Porsche and Fisker.

More info/Source: URB-E

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