Mevo - The live event camera

Mevo was created so you could share the events that matter most in your life with the production value these events deserve.

Each day powerful performances, product launches, inspiring talks, skilled athletes, and talented kids delight the audience in front of them. Mevo transports guests who can’t attend in person to these events in a more powerful way than a simple photo, tweet, or 10-second clip.
A video is only as good as the story it tells. Whether you are watching a live sporting event or a sitcom, professional directors with multiple cameras cut between shots, zoom into emotion, and pan to follow the action to bring their stories to life. Mevo enables you to achieve professional-quality, sophisticated storytelling with just one camera.
The Mevo team uses the latest advances in compact, ultra-high resolution sensors to enable multi­-camera storytelling instead of simply pushing additional pixels to the viewer’s screen. The power to tell stories through video, in real ­time, without time consuming and laborious editing, is the breakthrough video enthusiasts need.
Our team has over 200 years of collective live video experience, providing expert solutions from stage to stadium, conference to campus, and everything in between. With our best­-in-­class suppliers and manufacturing partners, we designed and built Mevo from the ground up so that everyone, regardless of skill or budget, could experience multi­-camera features that were previously only available to TV studios and companies willing to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and manpower.

Source: Mevo

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