The Top Dating Websites In 2016

We live in a strange era. People now share more of their lives than ever before online, and the new socialization norm has beckoned a new style of dating that has millions of people hooked already. Both websites and apps have taken over the romance market and now more people than ever are connecting through the Internet before they ever even speak to one another face-to-face. If you're ready for love, this list is for you. We've compiled the top dating websites of 2016 to help steer you in the right direction and, with a little luck, into the arms of your next true love. 

Considered to be one of the "classics", has helped thousands of couples find their happily ever after. It has led to more successful relationships and marriages than any other dating site thanks to its in-depth profiles and algorithms. Users can search for potential partners by state, zip code, age, profile name and more, and there are an almost equal number of men and women on the site, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a broad range of potential dates. On average, there are 13.5 million views on Match each month, so if you're hoping to meet someone online, they very well may be here.


Zoosk is a much more casual version of Match and integrates social networking with a mega-popular smartphone app to attract a diverse user base. Casual dating and deep relationships can be pursued via Zoosk, though the smartphone era of dating apps has made it much more of a hookup site than anything else. Nevertheless, there are plenty of filters you can use to browse potential matches and the site is of no short supply with approximately 3.8 million viewers each month.


Similar in style to, eHarmony attracts around 4.1 million viewers per month and is currently the initiator of 4 percent of all U.S. marriages. A unique compatibility-based system matches commitment-oriented users to one another, boosting the potential for a lasting connection and ultimately, a relationship. 

Faith plays a critical role in many people's lives and those values are respected and admired by the brains behind Approximately 2.4 million visits each month contribute to the site's wide dating pool, ranging from countries all over the world and Christians of various levels of religiosity and denominations. A good choice for long-term relationship seekers whose spiritual values and life goals will coincide well with theirs. 

African American and biracial daters can visit this site and join more than 1.4 visitors every month. Both casual dating and long-term relationships are pursued on the site, and users can search for new partners via their age, zip code, profile and other filters.


It may not have a web domain perse, but Tinder is by far the most popular dating app of 2016. It exploded last year and now hosts over 13 million users worldwide. Although the initial matching process is based off looks and rather banal, the efficiency and wide range of people one can meet makes Tinder an option to at least try out once. Filters are basic with just preferred gender, distance and age sliders to tailor your options. Tinder is totally free to use with unlimited messaging, but you can also choose to add premium features that let you browse profiles in different states or countries.

Finding Love Online 

In today's digital society, it only makes sense that we'd turn to our computers and smartphones to meet others looking for love. All of the sites out there contain hundreds of hopefuls who dream of meeting "the one", but there are also plenty of people who have grown accustomed to the fast-paced, bottomless pit of possibility that online dating presents. These people don't take relationships or the people behind the profiles seriously, so it's important to go into any online dating site with a clear perspective. However, although it may take you quite a few bad dates and mismatches, online dating is very convenient way to go about meeting your significant other.

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