Choosing the right cloud storage provider for you

As you know, cloud storage services have recently become popular with so much of our work and information being saved on computers today. There are many benefits to using a cloud storage service, most importantly, being able to access and share documents from anywhere and at any time. Whether you are a business or a personal user, currently in the cloud or considering joining, recently completed some vital research regarding this industry that you should read.

This company consulted multiple information security and technology experts, analyzed dozens of articles and read user reviews and guides. They also personally tested 26 different software programs on various operating systems, checking transfer speeds while updating information, adding photos and installing apps. With over 126 hours checking out 45 cloud storage providers under their belt, found four cloud storage providers that they recommend if you are looking for a seamless process of uploading and saving files, all at affordable (or free) prices.

After finding the top four contenders, they dug even deeper and individually studied and reviewed each of the best. You can find extensive information on the top four including the pros and cons of all. This study also created comparison guides on upload speeds and includes tips to consider when choosing the right cloud storage for you. highlights the important details of what you should know to make the best choice for you or your business.

Throughout their research, they found that of the 673 people they surveyed, only 32 percent were actually using cloud storage. However, according to statistics, 80 percent of users see improvements within six months of moving to the cloud. As long as you opt in for a safe and secure service, opportunities within the cloud are endless.

You can see the research and get more information on cloud storage providers here:

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