Thursday, February 18, 2016

Student life is a great time in the life of an individual. They get to meet new people, experience the knowledge from peers, learn new skills and topics and of course if successful, they finish with a qualification that will set them up for a chosen career path.

Achieving success academically however requires effort and it’s not as simple as just showing up for lectures. Hard work is required and more importantly, focused study.

With so many distractions around when you are a study, it can be difficult to focus and get into a routine. Everyone is different and one type of study environment that suits one person won’t suit another. Some people gain more from studying in groups, others need to be totally alone. It’s about finding what suits you and begin regimented about how you do it.

With the ubiquity of technology in today’s world, we have access to so many aids to improve the efficiencies in our daily lives. We are witnessing the integration of the Internet of Things in everyday life; concepts like bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) are almost commonplace in working environments so it’s no surprise that technology has stepped up to assist the scholars of this world. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe breaks down apps according to how useful they would be for students. Some apps are useful for enhancing revision efforts; some are good to promote excellent note taking; while others are good for calculations. Check them all out below.

rsz the ultimate student app guide

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