Monday, February 29, 2016

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and can be described as a process through which a website can increase its traffic by improving its search position on search engines. A good example of a search engine is Google where websites are ranked on the search results based on their relevance to the internet users. Calgary SEO agency is a good example of a company that offers SEO services. Sites that are adequately search engine optimized boost of huge traffic due to their favorable ranking on the search results of major search engines. Such sites incur minimal cost since they do not need to spend huge amount of funds on pay-per click ads. However, it is important to note that site traffic is meaningless if at all the visitors cannot be transformed to customers. In such a scenario the conversion rate optimization comes in handy. Conversion rate is normally important in commercial sites; a high conversion rate translates to high sales level and great profits to the site owners. The paper will discuss how the SEO can increase the conversion rate on the site.

It is important to note that SEO alone cannot guarantee a site a high conversion rate. It requires a combination of other things for the conversion rate to shoot up. SEO can help a site a gain a high a conversion rate in a few distinctive ways discussed below. First, SEO requires one to use appropriate heading tags that enhance the clarity of things to the users. Through this, a site may experience an improvement in its conversion rate. SEO also requires sites to use concise and clear headlines instead of the flashy ones. This requirement is also likely to improve the site conversion rate. Sites that use the SEO are also required to focus on a particular product or topic instead handling too many things. Having quality contents is also a key requirement of SEO and also helps in enhancing the site conversion optimization. Focusing on improving the conversation rate ensures that the site content is readable and is not complicated. This in turn helps the site’s SEO by increasing the chances of getting a natural mention, referrals and shares on social media.

The discussion above only focuses on how conversion optimization and SEO relate. However, there is one major way through which a site owner can develop his/her SEO strategy to enhance the sites conversion. This is through the use of the Google Analytics SEO report. The report can help site owners to be cognizant of the onsite needs of the visitors. It also provides insight on the manner in which the site emerges on various Google searches. For instance, how the site appeared, its average search position, the location of those who viewed the site and the site performance number.

Figure 1: Google Analytics SEO report

As earlier mentioned, even after an intensive SEO campaign, a site‘s conversion rate is not always guaranteed. There is a lot that site owners need to do to enhance their conversion rate. A search Engine Optimization that is not followed with a Conversion Optimization will only increase the site traffic level but not the customers. Moreover, there are certain crude SEO techniques that worsen the conversion rate.

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