Infographic: History Of Self-Driving Cars

The term “Self-driving Cars” doesn’t seem bizarre in 2015, maybe because we have reached to a point of technological innovation, where we have made this bizarre idea into reality, but it’s not like people started working on the self-driving cars few years ago. The truth is, the work of the self-driving cars spans over ten decades. Our infographic takes a dive into the evolution of self-driving cars right from the 1920’s to 2016. We have shortlisted few cars that made news for their features. Cars like Firebird III from General Motors, that claimed to have an electric brain, which would allow the car to drive on the highway, while the driver takes a nap or relaxes. Then we have Robot car “VaMoRs” that drives by itself at 60mph. We know that self-driving cars are still not being used on a large scale, but soon there will be more self-driving cars on the road than the manually driven ones. Our infographic also talks about the people’s concerns with the self-driving cars, and also the laws have been very slow to embrace the self-driving cars. We will find out where do the self-driving cars stand in the coming years.

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