The Top Tech Trends for Businesses in 2015

When it comes to running a business, one of the hardest things to keep up with is technology trends. As soon as you think you’ve caught up, something bigger and better comes out. Most of the current tech trends have been designed to help make your business more productive and cut down on costs. While some are ideal for marketing in this gadget orientated age. To keep up to date, here are the top tech trends businesses need in 2015.

3D Printers

3D printing has actually been around for quite some time. However, it is only now stepping into the limelight. The printers themselves have come down a lot in price, making them accessible for almost every business owner. You’ll find that more and more companies start using 3D printers for a range of different things. From cutting down costs on their production to making their own marketing materials.

Web-Based Office Software

Long gone are the days of installing Microsoft Office on every single work computer. Web-based office software has become a big trend in the last 12 months and is only going to grow. Google Apps are a fine example of how businesses can access a range of office programmes, through the internet. Microsoft have also bought in their own Office 365, although far more costly than Google’s free version. Of course!

Mobile AppsThis top technology trend has become vital, for those who want to connect with their customers. Mobile App Development has come down in price a lot over the last few years, making it more affordable for companies to invest. Every industry is looking into how a mobile app can help them create a connection with their customers and clients. As well as bringing in new business. 

Tablet Technology

Businesses seem to be replacing as much as they can with tablets nowadays. Restaurants are using them as menus. Shops are using them as cash registers. Hotels are using them as booking systems. There are dozens of systems and apps being created solely for businesses so that tablets can be multi-functional. It seems as though customers enjoy the modern technology and ease of use, too.

Interactive Projectors

Say goodbye to boring Powerpoint presentations. Interactive projectors and screens are now bringing presentations to life. Businesses are using this to engage clients in sales pitches and as training tools for their staff. It won’t be long before we see virtual reality sales pitches! Now that would be interesting.

Online Productivity Tools

Business owners are throwing away their wall planners and signing up to online productivity tools in 2015. There are so many options out there, that will help SMEs run smoother. You can schedule your meetings and tasks while also organizing your staff and projects. All from one little spot on the internet. Don’t believe us? Check out sites such as Trello, to see what we mean.

These are the top trends of today, but what will be the next best thing tomorrow? Experts are predicting wearable technology being used more in the workplace. Along with automation for almost anything and everything. Let’s just hope they don’t start replacing staff with robots.

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