Super Cool Marketing Statistics That Could Mean Changes To Your Business

Some interesting stats have been released over the last few weeks - all of which could have an effect on your business. Most of us understand the enormous impact that technology has had on businesses, and it’s no different in the world of online marketing. So, grab a coffee, put your feet up and have a read. And then make sure you are best placed for taking advantage in the very near future!

Online use on the rise

British consumer agency Ofcom recently released a study that show that Internet use is on the up. The results show that UK Internet users are spending more than twice as long online as they were only ten years ago. Also, that the use of smartphones could be responsible. So, if you are an online business, are your web properties optimized for mobile? If not, you could be losing out on a lot of 'airtime'. It’s a clear sign that thing are changing when it comes to how consumers are accessing their media. Smart businesses have been making their websites mobile-friendly for some years now, so if it is something that you haven’t managed to get around to yet, it is vital you do so. And sooner, rather than later!

Social media complaints

If you run any social media channels, there's a good chance that you have responded to a customer complaint. According to a study by The Institute of Customer Service, a quarter of all social media users, has used the medium to make a complaint. With this in mind, it's a wise idea that you have a robust response plan in place. However, there are different ways to use customer complaints. There will always be moaners and whingers, but many of the people questioned in the survey felt that they were just offering constructive advice. So, it's also worth using your feedback - positive or negative - to explore areas of your business that could do with improving.

Digital Agencies Still Relevant

A recent survey by SoDA has revealed that although many brands are building bigger in-house marketing teams, outsourcing is still relevant. However, the terms of engagement are changing slightly. The report suggests that those brands that outsource will often choose a digital agency and use them as a lead partner, rather than just a hired service. Is this something your agency could do with exploring? What it shows is that if you can prove your worth to the major brands, they will reward you with long-term contracts. In effect, you will ‘own’ part of their digital marketing, and be judged on your results. So, if you are having trouble showing your worth, it could be time to explore how to persuade your company’s value in more financial terms.

Online marketing is a constantly evolving world. And you have to stay ahead of the game if you want to be at your best. Hopefully, these statistics will help you make the right moves.

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