Solartab, the premium solar charger for phones and tablets, takes Kickstarter by storm


Small tech startup CurrentMESS released their brainchild, the “Solartab”, on kickstarter on April 2nd after having worked around the clock for weeks to put the finishing touches on the innovative product.

The multinational trio, consisting of Simon Methi, Eskil Vestre and Mathias Einberger, knew perfectly well that they might be on to something big with their solar charger. But the response on the crowdfunding platform has nevertheless been even better than anything they dared hope for, the trio explains to TechNews24h.

The three friends, who originally met while studying abroad in East Asia, launched their eco-friendly gadget on Kickstarter with a funding goal of 30 000 US dollars, which they hoped to collect from supporters during the course of one month. Now, just three days into their funding period, 160 backers have already in total raised roughly 60 per cent of the funding goal.

The trio are amazed and happy with the response so far. “It’s quite incredible. We are so thankful to all our dedicated backers, and feel truly privileged to have so many people out there who believe in what we do” says Methi to TechNews24h.

The Solartab is a high quality solar charger with attractive Scandinavian design and an efficient solar panel, which lets it users not only charge smartphones on the go, but even tablets.

Featuring a solar panel the size of an iPad, the Solartab lets its users charge any mobile device using green, sun-fueled energy. And even more impressively, iPad enthusiasts can charge their beloved touch-screen gadget even while they’re listening to their favorite summer tune, or browsing the Internet.

“We wanted to create a really powerful charger that people would actually want to use, all the time”, says Einberger to TechNews24h. “Solar power should never be a mere gimmick – on the contrary, we believe it’s the future of power consumption!”

The enthusiastic young team may very well be on to something. Forward-thinking corporations are currently investing heavily in green energy alternatives, and Google alone have recently made wind and solar investments totaling more than $1 billion.

Using Methi, Vestre and Einberger’s new breed of solar charger, keeping energy-hungry smartphones or tablets going all day at the beach, music festivals or picnics in the park is easier than ever. The smart-looking device is also equipped with a high capacity internal battery, which means you can store solar power for later – and give any tablet another full charge after sunset.

According to the team, as long as the sun is out, the Solartab will always charge at maximum efficiency. To keep this promise, they not only increased the solar panel’s size way beyond what you’ll find on the average portable solar charger on the market today, but also included an inventive built-in cover.

The unique cover not only gives the Solartab a stunning and nostalgic look, but also works as a stand for the solar panel, which lets users angle the solar panel in three different positions. After adjusting the angle to the sun’s current position, all that’s left to do is plug in any smartphone or tablet and let nature take care of the rest.

Oh, and the cover will also protect the Solartab while it’s tucked away in bags, on the way between beaches and parks. Making sure the charger’s premium look won’t be compromised with scratches or stains. Watch the video below

Making green energy truly accessible to design-conscious, young people with an active lifestyle, it’s no wonder that the Solartab team have struck crowdfunding gold on


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