Automated Marketing Can Work for Everyone

Every business requires marketing to grow. Automated marketing is preferable for many business owners, as it ensures maximum efficiency. You can focus your attention on other aspects of your business, while the marketing side of things continue without much input.

According to Act-On, businesses that use automated marketing software see an impressive 107% improvement in lead conversion rates. That number alone is enough to make it worthwhile to try this method.

So now the big question is: Can marketing for all industries be automated?

The majority of companies use more than one method of promotion. Like this site mentions "Marketing automation reduces repetitive tasks associated with the marketing process." For example, lead generation may consist of everything from email marketing to optimizing and creating new landing pages on the company website.

New channels are constantly being defined and utilized in marketing. While email marketing is still quite effective, social media, pay-per-click and other advertising and brand marketing methods are also growing rapidly. It would be ridiculous not to consider multiple marketing channels for your brand and service. You will see the best results when you cover a range of promotion methods.

Within the actual areas of marketing, you will also need to test. For example, social media has a number of entry points, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Some of these will work better for certain types of business. It's important to track and regularly assess your efforts in each area.

How Automated Marketing Works

While it may seem obvious that automated marketing is automatic, it may be difficult to picture just what this means. Essentially, the software provided by companies like SalesFusion, will help you automate the more mundane business marketing tasks and create a database of existing and potential clients.

The best automated marketing systems will include integrated email marketing, lead capturing, score leads and track visitors to the website. The intention is to create a successful sales funnel to take leads and develop them until they are very likely to convert into sales.

While automated marketing is not completely automatic, it is much simpler than trying to track everything manually. With the software, you can see trends and spot problems at a glance. As any business owner will tell you, it is essential to stay on top of tracking if you want to maximize your profit.

The system is far more than mere tracking, however. Marketing software can go so far as to personalize what people are seeing. If they are interested in a certain type of product, you can ensure that this is what they are offered. It will also help personalize any interactions between potential clients and your company, via email or telephone.

Does Your Company Need Marketing Automation?

Every company can use a more efficient method of bringing in leads. While it is certainly possible to do it manually, you are likely to miss important data points, particularly if you are attempting to track several marketing campaigns at the same time.

Unless you know which methods work best with your particular audience, it is very difficult to tweak your campaigns to get the best results. Your leads will be poor and won't convert as well as those that have gone through a sales funnel to strengthen them.

Automated marketing is something that can work for any type of business, but it is particularly useful for small businesses. These small businesses should Companies with minimal resources will appreciate the ability to track and analyze their campaigns across a range of marketing channels.

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