The Growth Of Online Education

As technology continues to make our daily lives more integrated, universities and other organizations are harnessing the power of the tools at our disposal to make the education and training process more convenient. Education is no longer limited to 4 walls. It can happen anywhere – it is already happening everywhere – and in today’s society, there is a demonstrated need for quality and flexible education programs delivered online.

In addition to taking online courses to work toward a particular degree, students can also take tests and individuals can get the training or certification required for business. Online education, or distance learning, makes it easier for people to take the courses they need so that they can further their careers. Over the past few years, online training has grown and thrived due to the many benefits provided through distance learning.

Top Reasons Students Enroll in Online Courses

Whether individuals are deciding between a class on campus and its online equivalent or need to take a continuing education course for businesses requirements, online training offers something for everyone. Some of the top reasons why people choose to take an online course include:

- Variety of Courses Offered – Traditional universities are continually adding new online courses to accommodate the growing interest. As a result, more and more classes are available that allow students to find space where they couldn’t before. There are also institutions that only offer online degree programs so individuals are sure to find courses in the field of study they need.

- Convenience – When students take an online course they are typically able to complete the assignments on their own time – at their own pace. Rather than having to carve a chunk out of their day to attend class, they have more flexibility in fitting the class into their own schedule. Individuals also save time and money by not having to commute to campus.

- Promotes Self-Learning – Education and on-going training is important. We all need to find a good job, make money and improve our lives. However, getting an education or required training can be expensive and, in many cases, inconvenient. Online education promotes self-learning as individuals can attend online classes from a wide range of course and knowledge providers and build a strong portfolio of qualifications and skills which they can promote and utilize in business.

Reasons Businesses Use Online Education

Employees also find online education easier to work with than more traditional methods. Businesses and organizations that require employees to pass various certification tests or continued subject-matter programs can use it as a quick and seamless way to make sure their employees complete the process. Businesses utilize distance learning to help their employees learn, empower their qualifications and improve their lives and careers. It is important for any organization that offers online education to ensure that those taking the courses or examinations are who they say they are.

Identity Verification and Online Education

Students enroll in online courses as a way to get the units they need for their degree and employees take tests and training to further their career. It is vital to be able to verify the identities of online students because it protects the integrity of the system and also ensures that the proper person gets credit for the work completed. During the registration process, identity verification solutions can be used to validate a person’s information and make sure that the individual is who they say they are. When the student returns to the program to continue the course, security checks can be put in place to confirm there is no unauthorized access to an account. You can learn more about how identity verification is used by online educational institutions by contacting an IDV expert.

Author Bio:
Written by Britni Zandbergen, Senior Director of Marketing at Idology.  Britni has years of experience in identity management as well as dynamic SaaS solutions.
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