Get Fit With Your Phone

Modern smartphones are far more than just devices that allow you to send and receive calls. Our phones are an extension of our personalities and a part of our everyday lives. Many of us modify our phones with personalised phone cases, ringtones and wallpapers, but have you ever thought about how you can make your phone a part of your day-to-day life?

There are apps for almost every purpose, from forum tracking and photo management to health and fitness. The most common fitness apps are calorie trackers and exercise loggers, but there are other fitness aids too. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting ways you can get fit using your phone.

Track your heart rate

Did you know that your phone’s camera can be used as a makeshift heart rate monitor? There are many heart rate apps that will measure your heart rate for you. These apps aren’t quite as good as traditional heart rate monitors, since you have to stop what you are doing and place your finger over the camera to measure your pulse, but they’re still much more convenient than counting beats yourself.

Go for a run

Apps such as RunKeeper are ideal for fitness devotees, but if you want to turn your exercise into a game so that you can stay motivated there are more interesting alternatives. You could play Zombies, Run! – a fun fitness game which tasks you with going on supply runs and avoiding zombies in your area. Or, if you just want something to encourage you to move around, but don’t feel like running, why not go Geocaching or play Ingress, a free game from Google that makes you explore landmarks in your local area.

Log your progress

Losing weight and getting in shape is much easier if you can see how far you’ve come. Log your fitness level, motivation, weight and key measurements in the app, which integrates with your online BodySpace account. The app also lets you upload progress photographs, and browse the Bodybuilding forums. Talking to like-minded people is a great way to stay motivated.


Turn all of your fitness into a game by logging how much exercise you get on Fitocracy. The Fitocracy app awards you with points for completing exercises. Once you earn a certain number of points, you level up. Excel at certain activities and you earn badges. The points and badges are just for fun, but you can compete against friends, or even form groups and engage in mini competitions against other groups to earn the highest levels. Fitocracy turns every fitness related activity into a game, and the badge system is a great way to find new exercises to try.

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With an interest in digital marketing, fitness and technology Monika Grzankowska regularly shares his knowledge and tips on various blogs, including Mr Nutcase 
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