Top 8 Innovative Packaging Designs

Packaging is all about presentation, protection and doing the previous two items within a strict budget. But just because you're creating an advertising marvel on a shoestring doesn't mean that you can't find innovation and inspiration. In fact, these things may be the very driving force behind the innovations you can find within the packaging designs! Without further ado here are my top 8 innovative packaging designs – let me know if you think I've missed any out.

Eco Friendly

With trends leaning more towards economic packaging and environmentally friendly materials being used, you won't be surprised to know that eco friendly or biodegradable packaging is an innovative packaging design itself, be it less materials (just a sleeve) or a refillable box, bottle or container that the customers can top up or reuse when they wish.

Foil Sealed

A great way of ensuring pills don't get crushed or exposed to moisture, foil packaging ensures freshness and helps visibility, you can see exactly how many tablets you have left, chocolate stays fresh in advent calenders and ladies razors don't have their moisture bars drying up any more!


This design helped lunch time become a less messy meal time, especially if you have to eat at your desk. With designs that mean the package can be popped open and used for different parts of the meal or sauce that need to be kept separate. Not to mention you can seal them for freshness and protect the food products from becoming broken, after all not many people like broken biscuits!

Perforated Tear Lines

The easiest way to get into the packaging is when the manufacturer helps you out. Perforated tear lines mean that you can simply pull on a tab and you're in – no more hunting out scissors or stabbing at the packaging with a pen knife. The same applies to the beginning of a rip that they have started using in soup or vegetable bags, its a great feature!

Vacuum Formed

The perfect way to display your product whilst protecting it from fingerprints, damage and theft. This means that you can pose your product in a way that can show off its best features without a customer having to remove it from the package which could result in damage to the product and the packaging.


Novelty packaging seems strange until you realise that it a great gimmick – think about the Jif lemons and limes, everyone knows there product because of the distinctive packaging, You not only know the brand name but exactly what you are getting. Apart from Jif lemons you'll see this tactic employed around Christmas time with candy cane and other Christmas themed shapes.

Heat Sensitive

This seemingly strange idea is actually a brilliant one. Think about the fact that people frequently like to heat or reheat meals, not only can plastics be used that won't melt or lose shape in the microwave, but they can also change colour to let you now how warm or cool the product in question is. I've seen this used on maple syrup bottles to let consumers know that the syrup is just the right heat and won't burn them if used.

Limited edition

You'd be surprised at how crazy limited edition packaging can make people crazy! Its an innovative idea because limited runs of one particular type of packaging can increase business and demand for the product – all this by simply using different colours and maybe holographic or metallic colours instead of the regular colourings. Amazing.

Author Bio:
Melissa has a strong interest in buying goods from markets, yet is usually put off by the packaging. Working in marketing doesn't help for her finickiness so she's decided to share a few tips. She loves to read Terry Pratchett novels in her spare time and  to excercise in her local Gym.
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