How to Save Money Heating Your Office

With twenty percent of workplace energy costs going towards heating up our work spaces, the wise and prudent office manager is always looking for ways to keep the temperature budget under control. These simple tips can help you save money while keeping staff and clients comfortable.

Lock the Thermostat

Every worker has a different idea of what a comfortable temperature is for the office. One worker's "just right" might make another worker feel like they're on a polar expedition. Unfortunately, this usually leads to quiet battles over the thermostat as worker's "correct" the temperature and cold workers often compensate by bumping up the heat to tropical levels. This means heating appliances are working harder to keep up with the thermostat changes rather than maintaining a steady temperature.

Every degree of temperature represents a ten percent increase in heating costs. Avoid the temperature wars by setting the thermostat for a steady twenty degrees Celsius and installing a locking cover.

Use Space Heaters

Most offices have some colder areas out of the way of the heat flow vents. Rather than turn up the heat for the whole office, use small space heaters to warm the staff that are feeling the cold. Encourage the staff in these areas to bring cardigans and give them a proper space to keep the extra layers.

Make sure that money isn't wasted by running space heaters more than is necessary. Gently remind staff to turn off heating appliances when they leave an area. Better yet, use electrical timers to automatically shut off space heaters at regular intervals.

Review Your Heating Zones

Large work spaces are often divided into heating zones, each zone having separate thermostats which affect separate heating and ventilation fans. Turning up a thermostat on the side wall may do nothing for the nearby workers, but may send more hot air out the front door. Understanding your heating zones means that you can make more informed decisions about your office heating needs. Have a heating professional review your zones and ensure that they are set up efficiently.

Use a Timer on the Thermostat

Set the thermostat timer to shut off the heat half an hour before employees go home and to turn it back on half an hour before they arrive. If your office tends to heat up uncomfortably in the afternoon as the sun shines in, then use the timer to allow temperatures to drop beforehand. This will help moderate the office temperature and may even cut down on air conditioning as well as heating bills.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

On cold days, the air pressure inside a warm office is higher than outside. When doors and windows are opened, heat quickly leaves the building. Keep office windows closed and reduce the number of doors in active use. Install automatic door closers on all outside doors and, if possible, lock one side of double doors so that visitors only open one door.

Let the Sun Shine in, but Close the Blinds before Sunset

Take advantage of our best source of heat. Opening the blinds in late afternoon can raise the office temperature by several degrees. This may provide enough energy that heating appliances can stay off late in the day. Just remember to keep that heat inside by closing the blinds before the sun goes down.

Author Bio:
Leslie writes for Claddaght Oil who supply heating oil in Ireland.

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