Top 5 Most Valuable Motorcycles

People that love motorcycles that are vintage and classic have a lot of bikes to look into when it comes to shopping around. When that is what you are looking for, you can shop around with a lot of vintage motorcycle shops that can help you out. These are rare gems that are high in value, and will be a motorcycle lover’s dream. When you really want the ability to enjoy yourself and get excellence out of your bike, this is a great way to build on your motorcycle collection and make the most out of it.

1948 Vincent Black Lightning

People that enjoy this bike like it because it's a throwback to the time where people would hit the beach in droves, possibly on the back of a motorcycle. These bikes were ahead of their times in terms of speed, as they are able to reach acceleration of 150 miles per hour. In fact, it set records for speed in its class, which is why it has become so world famous. This bike is also the first model that was able to sell for a price tag of $1 million.

1907 Harley

Without a doubt, the Harley Davidson set the tone when it comes to notoriety with these bikes. One of the first models ever came out in 1907. This bike is a gem of a collector's item because of its contribution to the motorcycle landscape. These bikes are being auctioned off for nearly $400,000. These bikes were fast in their time, even though they only had top speeds of 50 miles per hour.

1929 Brough Superior

This motorcycle was ahead of its time, and was one of the first true speedsters. The manufacturers created this bike with advanced technology of the time, and it was known to hit speeds up to 100 miles per hour. It also had an excellent frame and different color schemes that were unique to its era. These bikes tend to auction for prices up to $200,000 at a variety of sales.

1939 BMW 255

This is a bike that was the absolute first that used the supercharger. This is a 4-speed bike that features camshafts and is used for racing. These bikes get sold at auctions for approximately half a million dollars, and give people the opportunity to take advantage of a wonderful European bike that was made with excellent craftsmanship.

1915 Cyclone

People that want to get a bike that is in very low demand should make sure that they take a look at the Cyclone if money permits. As far as motorcycle enthusiasts are aware, there are only about a dozen of these bikes are still in existence. These bikes were ahead of their time in terms of craftsmanship. This bike can demand a price tag of approximately $500,000, and was also one of the first bikes to hit 120 miles per hour or above.

People that enjoy motorcycles will get a kick out of these bikes, because of what they can provide. There are a lot of different bikes that are considered collector's items, and these are some of the most valuable.

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This article was written by Eduardo Dieguez, professional blogger for Attorneys For Bikers. Eduardo is a 1st generation American born Cuban that is currently in pursuit of his degree.
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