Doba Product Reviews: How Doba Works

Potential Home-Based Income

If you are seeking a home-based business opportunity, but you have no set ideas for what type of business you would like to establish, Doba membership may provide an answer. With Doba's support and your own marketing efforts, you can generate significant sideline or full-time income. The only equipment you need to get started is access to a computer and high-speed Internet connections. Check out this YouTube video for a quick introduction to Doba:

Choosing Your Products

Doba has established wholesale agreements with many top-name brands, and serves as an intermediary between manufacturers and its members. Its catalogue of more than 2 million items includes electronics, clothing, health and wellness items, automobile accessories, outdoor gear and items geared for children. As a Doba member, you choose one or more products from the Doba catalogue that you would like to sell.

Establishing Your Online Storefront

Once you have chosen your item(s), you can set the price and offer the item for sale. You can conduct your business through your own web page. Doba can also be incorporated into websites constructed by website builders like You can also set up an online storefront through online auction services like eBay or social networking platforms like Facebook also support Doba and eBay and process payments with online payment companies like PayPal (which is affiliated with eBay).

Doba integrates seamlessly with Facebook by allowing you to seamlessly populate photos and product descriptions onto your My Deals storefront without cutting and pasting. Doba was also a founding member of the Certified Service Provider Program established by online auction seller eBay and includes a custom eBay Listing Tool to make presentation of your products on your eBay storefront. Make sure to like Doba on Facebook and follow Doba on Google+.

You Sell, Doba Ships, You Profit

One of the most significant challenges faced by conventional online retailers is the need for warehouse space to store their inventory. A second major challenge is making the initial investment to purchase inventory to sell. As a drop shipping enterprise, Doba eliminates both of these necessities. Instead, you only pay Doba the wholesale price for your merchandise after you make sales and receive payment from customers. Your profit per item depends on the selling price that you choose to set – you keep the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price that you set.

Joining Doba

Doba provides a free seven-day trial for new users. If you do not wish to continue, simply cancel your membership and you will pay nothing. After the seven-day trial, if you wish to continue, the monthly membership fee is applied. Doba has three levels of membership: basic, advanced and pro, with monthly and annual billing available. Still undecided? Check out a 2014 review of Doba from

Monthly Memberships
DobaSupplier Access, 1K My Inventory$59.95
Doba AdvancedSupplier Access, 10K My Inventory, Pre-Pay, Elite Seller Report$69.95
Doba ProSupplier Access, 25K My Inventory, Pre-Pay, Elite Seller Report$89.95
Annual Memberships
DobaSupplier Access, 1K My Inventory$599.50Save $119.90 US
Doba AdvancedSupplier Access, 10K My Inventory, Pre-Pay, Elite Seller Report$699.50Save $139.90 US
Doba ProSupplier Access, 25K My Inventory, Pre-Pay, Elite Seller Report$899.50Save $179.90 US
Doba Member Support

Doba provides telephone support for its members to handle issues that arise with payment and shipping. Depending on your level of membership, you also have access to a virtual inventory of items that are guaranteed to be available for immediate shipment to customers. Doba also publishes periodic Elite Seller Reports and other market research tools that it makes available exclusively for its members.

Author: Brett Harper

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