Best New High Tech Car Features

When buying a new car, a driver will get to experience more than he or she may realize. In the past, people would get into their vehicles and not have much in the way of safety features or other security items. However, times have changed and it is possible to get a car with the newest and greatest features, all without overspending or looking all over the place. With this in mind, here are the top five high-tech car features.

Rear view camera: 

When backing into a parking spot or reversing in a busy area, one will appreciate a rear view camera. With this, a motorist can, without struggle, see what is behind him or her. Not only will this prevent serious accidents with children, it can save a driver money on his or her CTP insurance as it will help them prevent crashes. Simply put, this is a great feature that will be on every car in the future as consumers, so far, love the convenience of a rear view camera.

Automatic braking: 

Cars are getting smarter every day, and one such feature that many now enjoy is automatic braking. With this, when on the freeway or a busy highway, one can see the car slow down automatically. This is because most people are not always aware of their surroundings or what is happening down the road. Without a doubt, this is here to stay and will save thousands of lives and prevent plenty of rear end collisions.

Side View Assist: 

When on a busy and crowded street, it is often hard for a motorist to see people on his or her blind side. This is problematic and can often lead to serious problems or, at minimum, a minor accident. With a Side View Assist, a driver will enjoy sensors that turn on when a car is in the area. This allows a driver to avoid going into an occupied lane. Usually, the system turns on and off when using the turn signal so one will not have to worry about false positives or an annoying system.

Advanced Frontal Airbag systems: 

When in the car, a child or smaller person will be at an increased risk for injuries. In the past, this was a more serious problem as some airbags were too powerful. However, with Advanced Frontal Airbag systems, a rider will not have this problem. With this technological upgrade, the vehicle will automatically detect the size of the passenger. This will protect a passenger and leave them in less pain after a serious accident.

Enhanced visibility: 

While driving at night, many end up hitting a deer or a person on the road. This is best to avoid, and a driver with enhanced visibility in his or her automobile will not have to worry about.

A car buyer should look at all the new security features. When doing so, one can protect his or her family and save money on insurance. Remember, these extras go a long way in protecting passengers and pedestrians.

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