A Guide To Being A Hipster

There are so many hipsters around nowadays, little do they know that they aren’t actually hipsters. The true hipster style has little regard to what they actually look like, todays hipsters are pristine and preppy and look quite frankly ridiculous. Everyone looks the same and has the same haircuts,
I mean where is the individuality? I am not disputing that some of these kids do look good and there style is quite cool but it certainly isn’t the hipster style. Since when do hipsters shop in Topman? It just doesn’t work like that and it never has, the hipster image is the true representation of individuality and disregard to societal stigmas.
This article will highlight what it takes to be a modern day hipster and compare it to what the original hipsters dressed like.


High Street Hipster

This is the newest type of hipster on the market, the type that shop in the high street stores yet proclaim to be individual and innovative. It just isn’t believable and the true hipsters out there will be turning their heads at their successors.
We live in a world that is dominated by both the internet and competition and thus it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed therefore many people are aligning themselves with this plastic hipster image that carries no true semblance of the original hipster dream.
There are so many different websites out there, you can buy old school G-Star jeans at J-Bees online or the latest snapback on the Adidas site. It is really down to the individual and I understand that completely, it is just frustrating to see so many people dressed the same and acting in the same way, it’s just not believable or cool.
I am all for innovation and self-expression but social barriers are becoming too blurred in the fashion sense and people don’t know who is what anymore. In the past you could identify your indie kids and your Goths, now it is almost impossible to do so.


Awful Trainers

Hipsters nowadays tend to wear some pretty awful footwear. Trainers are a massive part of the image as a whole and I understand that but I just can’t see the appeal of hugely thick soled trainers paired with the skinniest jeans you will ever see.
People need to clarify what actually looks good as opposed to what people think looks good, there is a difference. Clarification of “cool” in recent times has been focused almost solely on the confidence people have in themselves and their outfits and it is something that as a budding hipster you need.


Tight Jeans and Caps

You can’t be afraid to be uncomfortable or to accessorize if you are a hipster. These are both things that are essential, strangely. You have to wear very skinny jeans and a cap, they are both requirements in effect. Just do some research, there are many websites that provide “how to” guides about the hipster style and they are a great place to begin an venture.

Author Bio:
Andrew is an author with over 5 years industry experience. He loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends and how things change as the years advance.
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