5 Trendy Accessory Tips For 2014

Refreshing your style is something really fun to do at the start of a new year. It is great time to make great fashion bargains as well since there are a lot of big sales right after the holidays. There is plenty to look forward to in 2014 in terms of fashion. Here are five tips for getting the right accessories for your look in 2014.

Fashion Accessories

1. Big Belts

There have been a lot of big gladiator type belts present in the runways. These are really decorative and look good as part of a subtler look. You can wear a big decorative belt like this with a dress or a simple shirt and jeans.
The downside is that some of these belts can actually be quite heavy so be prepared. There are plenty of different styles to go with so shop around and pick just the right one.
It does add a lot of elegance to your look so you should definitely consider getting one. They are especially good when worn together with a simple black party dress.

2. A Hippie Bag

In 2014 there is a lot of emphasis on eco-friendly living and not just on the fashion scene. Becoming more sustainable is really important and you want to also make some great fashion choices that highlight this as well.
Something to get for the start of the year is a hippie bag. These are fun and quirky looking things and will really brighten up your look. The perfect hippie bag has a floral pattern and lots of bangles.

3. Chandelier Earrings

One of the hottest trends in 2014 in terms of accessories is the chandelier-like earrings. The bigger and decorative your earrings are the trendier they will be next year.
There is a lot of colour in earrings as well in 2014. The main metals such as gold and silver are still really trendy but you should also consider going for some colourful stones. The hottest trend colours for the start of the year are fuchsia and cobalt blue and these will look really good in large earrings.

4. Pins Make A Comeback

The good news for people with long hair or women wearing hijabs is the fact that pins make a comeback in 2014. There are plenty of different styles from very simple pins to really decorative pins. Floral pins are especially good to have.
You can find good hijab pins at Aab Collection and make sure you also get something that really catches people’s attention. You can use pins really elaborately in 2014 so just use your imagination and have some fun.

5. Jewellery With A Message

2014 is also going to be a year for raising awareness. There is a lot more messages in fashion trends at the moment and it is used to really discuss complex issues in the society. This is also prevalent in the accessories. For instance, there are plenty of slogan jewellery available at the moment.
What Emma Did blog has a really nice post about this subject. This fascination for slogans really did start last year and will continue to 2014 but mainly in jewellery instead of clothing.

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