Apps For Truck Drivers That Are Replacing CB Radio

This new age of speedily growing technology is affecting most people in both their business and personal lives. Smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices are becoming necessities, and everyone from doctors to students are using smartphones on a regular basis. Not only do different apps help people out on the job, but they also make other electronics slowly but surely become obsolete. Truck drivers popular trucking apps to measure gas expenditures, plan routes and stops and track time to such an extent that the CB Radio is in danger of becoming unnecessary altogether.

Apps For Truck Drivers

The Statistics for Smartphones

As each year the increase of smartphone usage continues, many jobs, including truck drivers, rely more and more on their phones instead of what they used to use. A study done by uShip on 6,000 truck drivers shows that 57% of truck drivers admit to using their cellphones more often this year than they did last year during their daily business. When working with loads, 37% say they use their phones to book loads, and 35% say they use their phones to bid on the loads. Weather, gas prices and traffic conditions are also tracked by 33% more drivers using their smartphones. 20% testified to no longer bringing their laptop along now that they have their phone, and at least 20% will use their handheld device to keep in contact with the family, friends and colleagues through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Weather, GPS and Traffic Apps

With 3G and 4G practically everywhere, it becomes easier for smartphones to be utilized at any given place along the drive. And that can be extremely important when it comes to checking for weather and traffic conditions. The Weather Channel offers a free app that many truckers use to keep up with how the conditions are for driving, alerting them if a storm is coming or the road ahead is undriveable. Waze Social GPS, Traffic and Gas is a GPS and app that will alert you to traffic conditions, reroute you if necessary, and show you the cheapest places for fuel. You can also use apps like Truckster- Truck Stops to find some good rest stops near you.

Entertainment on Your Phone

When truck drivers used to use the radio and flip channels, they can now use the internet to get more specific music that they like. Pandora is of course a popular choice for customized music, but iHeartRadio is also a good and free app for anyone interested in listening to their favorite stations on their journey. For those interested in audiobooks, you can download Audible- Audiobooks and More to listen to some of your favorite stories read out loud; the perfect way to keep up with your reading during your job!


Another reason that handheld devices are so popular is that they can make truck driving easier by helping with the logistics. With apps such as BigRoad: Free Trucker Log App, you can keep an electronic log of your journey, use it to locate rest stops up ahead, and even send information to your coworkers and bosses, making you need to use your communicating radio less and less. You can also use the app TRANSFLO Now! to speed up your document delivery, allowing you to deliver more quickly. Truck drivers can also use apps such MyFitnessPal to get started on a workout routine on the road and keep track of it.

Apps are revolutionizing the world, and they are touching every area of our lives. As our smartphone technology increases, so does the ability to use it everywhere, including driving in the car on the job. Though CB Radio may not be out of the picture yet, it will definitely need to be making room for the apps that are here.

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