Turn Your Phone Into Fitness Equipment

If you want to get in great shape but you don’t have the budget for a gym membership or personal trainer, consider that your Smartphone has apps and accessories you can use to turn it into fitness equipment. It’s true – your Smartphone can help you reach your fitness goals without paying expensive membership fees.

Nike Training Club

The Huffington Post named NikeTraining Club one of the Best Fitness Apps of 2012. The app features more than 100 exclusive workouts for you to choose from, and downloading the app is completely free. Since it was developed by Nike professional trainers, you can expect the workouts to deliver. 
First, register with the app so you can keep track of your workouts. Then, select your goal (Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Toned or Get Focused) and your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Nike Training Club then gives you access to detailed, step-by-step instructions alongside still images or video demonstrations. Enjoy a funky playlist in the background while you get your sweat on. 
When the workout is over, Nike Training Club shares a summary of your workout, which you can share on social media sites. Every minute you train with Nike Training Club, you get one step closer to unlocking rewards, such as personal training advice and professional athlete-inspired workouts.


You have probably heard of the infamous P90X, a workout program designed to get you in shape faster than ever. The P90X app is very versatile, letting schedule 90-day workout programs or simply complete an individual workout then and there. The app tracks your progress so you can push yourself to meet your goals. You can even add your routines to your iPhone calendar to ensure you never miss a scheduled workout. 
Whether you want to work out at the gym, outside or on the go, P90X guided workouts are perfect. They include video demonstrations and audio guidance from P90X trainer Tony Horton. There are options to complete every workout without fitness equipment, but you can enhance your P90X experience by having access to a pull-up bar, dumbbells, two to four medicine balls, stability ball, foam roller, resistance band, and plyo box or chair. 
As you meet certain accomplishments, you rack up achievement badges and even have your data entered into SuperGym, giving you the chance to earn cash and prizes just for working out. The P90X app is available on iTunes for a small price, and in-app purchases are inexpensive as well. The unique opportunity to win money from working out makes this app a very popular one.

Fitness Buddy

For a comprehensive approach that targets building muscle and improving heart health, Fitness Buddy is considered one of the best the fitness apps. It offers access to over 1,000 moves, 45 full-length workouts, and thousands of photos and videos. You can even create your own custom workout to target your exact trouble spots. 
Enter your data and track your progress area by area to see that you’re meeting your fitness goals. See how much weight you have lost, fat you have shed and muscle you have gained in different parts of your body. It’s easy to see how far you’ve come and continue to make progress by spending just a dollar or two in the iTunes store on this top-notch app. 
By using these fitness apps at home or on the go, it’s clear that you don’t need to spend a fortune or work with a real-life personal trainer to get in shape. Download your favorite app from this list and start down the path to health and fitness today. 
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Author Bio:
This is a guest post by freelance health and lifestyle writer Claire Wilson who loves to use her smartphone to monitor her workout progress no matter what fitness equipment she is using.
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