Infographic: The Internet Then and Now

The Internet as we know it today is a version more than a hundred times better than what is was during its beginnings.

More than four decades ago, four institutions of higher learning in the United State-- University of California Los Angeles, Stanford Research Institue, Univesity of California Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah, started a project with which the first successful network of computers was born: the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, otherwise known as ARPANET.

Back then, the first message that was sent through the network was only partially successful as only two letters out of the word "LOGIN" were transmitted.

Fast forward to the age of Skype, Facebook and YouTube, the average Internet access speed in the US is 7.6 megabytes per second; a rather pale comparison to the 56 kilobytes per second speed in 1984.

Despite these, programmers and Internet geniuses are still striving non-stop to make the Internet business even faster than it already is telling us that a better and faster version is yet again in the offing.


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