Top 5 iPhone Apps For Jogging And Running

There are a lot of people who love to run on a daily basis, but there are many that don't utilize the technologies that are now available. For example, did you know that there are actually iPhone apps that can help you with your progress? These are definitely worth downloading if you want to make the most of your jogs or runs and track the progress that you make throughout the year. Whether you're training for a marathon or just want to run to get fit, there are definitely iPhone apps out there for you to use!

1. Get Running

This app is under $2 to purchase and is great for anyone who has just started running. It gives you a training regimen that you can use to increase your progress over the course of nine weeks. The last goal is for you to be able to run 30 minutes, which may people are able to accomplish. It gives you encouragement, tracks your progress and is one of the most effective training tools out of hiring an actual personal trainer.

2. Runkeeper Pro

This app does cost $9.99, but most people who download it feel that the price is well worth it. It's one of the most popular running apps out there today. It uses GPS tracking to monitor your runs, which means it can track your distance as well as your speed. It can even determine how many calories you're burning while you're working out and how many miles per minute you're running. It's great for running, but it's also useful for cycling, hiking and swimming. You can sync it with the website for the app, but you can also track your progress right from the interface.

3. FitNio

You can use this app for running, jogging, cycling and even walking. It uses a GPS tracker to monitor your exercises in real time. It records everything so that you can see your pace, calories burned and distance traveled. You can use this to monitor your progress and see how much of an improvement you are making with each run or jog that you do.

4. Ghost Race

If you like a little competition to light your fire and get you motivated, then this app is worth downloading. It's available for under $1 and it actually has you compete against yourself. It does this by tracking the history of runs that you do and giving you updated progress reports for each run that you complete. This can mean being able to track your goals easily without the struggle of writing everything down.

5. Run Coach

This is another app that is under $1, and it is great for all types of runners. It allows you to choose from different training plans, including those that are for marathons and 5k runs. You can personalize your plan, track your progress through a performance chart and even get nutritional advice from this. It's something that can motivate you to do better and actually get out there to train on a regular basis.

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