Rare Domain Names Released: A Lesson In Website Investing

If asked in the early 90s, many people would’ve had no idea what a “domain name” even was. With the boom of the Online Age, however, someone would literally have to be living under a rock for the past decade to not know what websites, domains and the Internet are. As with every form of technology, people have learned to make money from the Internet; but many individuals don’t realize that this even extends to domain names. 

Domain Names as an Investment

There are those out there who simply don’t recognize how great of an investment an Internet domain name can be. In reality, however, a person only needs to think back to some of their prior Internet activities to get to this realization. Who amongst the citizens in the world hasn’t gotten bored one day and simply typed in “awesome.com”, “beer.com”, “WorkIsBoring.com” or any number of random web addresses just to see what came up?

This is why domain names can be such a prominent investment. The simple fact is that there are certain domain names out there that will bring people in just because they exist, and business owners will want these domains. Simply paying a relatively low price for a certain domain name can pay off big when a wealthy business owner decides they want it, and in actuality, few people even understand just how big of a payoff they could receive. 

Hitting it Big with Domain Names

Investing in domain names isn’t just something that a person could double their money on; their return on investment could actually be much higher than this. In fact, one forward thinking individual thought to purchase the domain toys.com, and they probably couldn’t have been any happier when 2009 rolled around and Toys-R-Us purchased the domain from them for $5.1 million.

Toys.com, however, doesn’t even come close to having the biggest payday. The lucky person who thought to purchase Insure.com hit it big when QuinStreet, an online marketing company, decided to purchase the domain in 2009 for $16 million. For anyone who does choose to invest in domains, however, there are some things they should know.

Some individuals have actually gotten into trouble for attempting to sell domain names. An individual who purchases a domain name and doesn’t use it other than to attempt to sell it, for instance, may be engaged in the crime of “domain squatting.” While this is a tricky area of the law, most individuals aren’t in danger of getting into trouble unless they’ve used manipulative tactics to try to make money from the site. 

Why Some Domain Names are just Better

As already mentioned, some domain names are better simply because individuals will randomly type them in in the hopes of finding what they need. This is known as direct navigation, and it can actually provide a serious bump in business for any company. Simply think of a shoe store with the domain shoes.com, and it’s easy to understand how direct navigation can pay off. 

According to Everspark Interactive, an SEO company in Atlanta, there are many things that contribute to great traffic and rankings for a site. A great domain name is a big piece of that puzzle. This is because search engines will associate the domain name with products that potential customers are looking for. On top of all of this, these great domains provide an instant online brand for a company. For all of these reasons, investing in domains is an amazing idea, and it only takes one business owner to recognize the benefits of these great names for an individual’s investment to seriously pay off. 

Domain names can definitely be a sound investment, and anyone who thought of buying beer.com,business.com or diamond.com in the past is likely rolling in the money today. This is why it’s imperative for individuals to pick out great domain names when creating websites, and this holds true even if that person doesn’t plan on selling the site. This is true because these pages will stay popular for both customers and potential buyers, and this recognition can take a person, regardless of investor or business owner, to brand new heights.

Author Bio:
Melanie Fleury is a freelance blogger who writes enjoys writing online content on SEO and blogging. She has found that the easier the domain name and the better the content, the more traffic driven to a website. Everspark Interactive is an SEO company that can help your site get the traffic and rankings it needs to be successful in the online world. 

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