Turn Your Body Back Into A Temple With These Space Age Gadgets!

Many of us have piled on the pounds during the never ending winter, and now it looks like summer has finally arrived and we are desperate to kick them to the kerb. But this is way easier said than done. What can we do when the latest diet just doesn’t seem to deliver the goods? At the end of the day exercise is the best option and to be honest it can seem a little too much like hard work. But thankfully there are some excellent innovations that make all of this effort a little easier to bear. So if you have decided to ditch those baggy clothes and try your best to get that hard body once more, please check out this article for some ‘little helpers’ designed to give you a caring boost!

Jawbone UP - $150 

Our first fitness gadget is definitely something that has taken a while to develop, and the Jawbone UP is more of a lifestyle guru than a personal trainer. A stylish looking wristband that looks cool enough to be a fashion accessory is just the tip of the iceberg regarding its true function. This gadget is compatible with a number of smartphone apps that are designed to track your daily habits. This includes some awesome fitness applications that will certainly work wonders for your physique as long as you put the work in. The Jawbone is also compatible with various sleep aid applications and we can’t sing the praises of this gadget enough. Do a quick search on the hyperlink and see which apps connect to the Jawbone UP and you will soon see what we mean. It has a ten day battery life and will soon make your own life a darn sight healthier!

Nike Fuelband - $190 

The name Nike is synonymous with excellence and quality, and this gadget certainly has both in spades. It may not have application connections coming out of its ears but the Fuelband is a very intuitive fitness tracker that will never let you down. You can set daily targets and the Fuelband will be with you every step or leap of the way. It does have an iOS app that allows you to sync up and customise your personal settings as well as allowing you to compete with your friends and rivals alike. The onboard accelerometer is as accurate as any professional piece of kit and you’ll soon have a good idea about how realistic those goals really are. The Fuelband is available in 3 sizes and carries a one year warranty, by the time that runs out you should be as fit as a butcher’s dog! Nike are so generous and they’ll also throw in a USB charging cable along with a charging stand and a cool sizing tool. The Fuelband is water resistant and has an ambient light sensor to check and adjust to the time of day. We love this gadget and believe you’ll soon be taking it everywhere that you go!

2 Ways To a Better Body!

You’ll still have to put some serious work in, but with the help of either of these gadgets it will certainly be a pleasure to meet your objectives!

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Barry Jones is an intern at a centre that provides fat reduction services in Yucaipa CA. He enjoys testing his potential and he is very passionate about fitness and adventure sports. Visit www.drcooljones.com for interesting tips.
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