The Ultimate Gaming Laptops

We’ve all seen a huge revolution within the technology market; it is undeniably impressive and in recent times its evolution has been unprecedented in speed. With every new model that launches within the consumers range, you can guarantee the tension is high – an army of consumers are excitingly waiting to discover what this new device has to offer and will it satisfy their expectations.
What these pieces of technology have to offer is so unique we as consumers have become dependent on them, especially gamers. Gaming technology has transformed incredibly over the years, from the original Nintendo to the devices now where gamers actually feel as though they are in the game themselves, there’s a reason we can’t live without them, nor would we want to either.
For gamers an exciting new piece of technology has entered the market, the ultimate gaming device has finally landed – Alien laptops. The manufacturers at Dell have created the three masters of gaming. The Alienware 14, 17 and 18 are the three laptops you can choose from depending on your gaming techniques, skills and dedication to the gaming scene.

Alienware 14: Rise to the challenge, wherever you find it.

This laptop is the most powerful device in the universe. It is compact and specifically designed for a more intense gaming experience anywhere you go, and at 36cm it will definitely add some muscle to your backpack. The brand new Alienware 14 is designed with a magnesium alloy frame and anodized aluminium shell to protect your LCD and its other components, while the specialised copper heat sinks your system cool on the inside so you can game for hours on end and not overheat. This new technology is loaded with the latest 4th generation Intel Core I processors for maximum performance, providing faster loading times, multi-tasking factors and energy efficient power usage. And combined with the 6-cell lithium ion 69 WHr battery, you won’t be running out of charge when out and about.
Immerse yourself with the new GeForce 700m series graphics, experience rich, vibrant colours and wide viewings angles on this powerful portable laptop. Your games will look at their best anywhere with the added optional antiglare, that ensures consistent, accurate colour from all angles along with better brightness, higher contrast and larger colour gamut.
Sound is no longer a problem - pump up your audio experience with speakers created by sound engineers at Klipsch. Get the home cinema experience with the new Dolby Home Theatre v4 software, and immerse yourselg in a world of extraordinary audio whether you’re gaming or enjoying a film.

Alienware 17: Packed with power, made to move.

Ideal for immersive gaming, this large laptop (43.9cm) combines powerful performance and incredible graphics into a revolutionary design. Made with the same anodised aluminium shell, reinforced by a magnesium alloy frame the alienware continues to have the same unique style, however this laptop has angled front and side walls to give it an elite and stealth look. With an added GPU/CPU exhaust vent to manage the heat that’s generated inside, it lets you game for longer. Unleash the beast, with the upgraded Core i7 processors and 8-cell battery - you now have the power and speed to have a longer, better and more action-packed experience.
Bring your games to life with dynamic, interactive environments with the NVIDIA PhysX, which brings you the competitive edge. With a combination of lightning-fast FXAA, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync and optional GelForce GTX 780M, gamers will have the highest quality images and performance to transport them into their fantasy world.
Get the exceptional home theatre sound with the standard Klipsch speakers, and dominate your opponents with the optional antiglare or the Truelife Full HD, a 3D panel for a real life gaming experience. Gamers can also plug this panel into their TV monitor for a bigger and better experience on the big screen.

Alienware 18: Conquer without compromise.

Alienware 18 is the highest spec gaming laptop there is, and this mega powerful laptop is has been completely redesigned with dual graphics to give you the ultimate gaming experience. This Alienware laptop is a monster gaming power-house;, every detail has been designed to give the gamer the most intense experience possible. With the same standard structure as the other two the Alienware 18 blows the other two away with the capacity to play all day, all night and then some more.
The upgraded technology in the alienware 18 offers a Full HD Truelife display, with vibrant colours and adjustable angles your games will look amazing from any view. Manufacturers have created this laptop with the optional overclocking, unleash the speed with 4.3GHz enabling you to dominate in performance on any game.
Get maximum performance with the NVIDIA dual graphics. Game like never before with these life like graphics which deliver increased performance, better rendering and higher frame rates. For added impact, NVIDIA PhysX creates your game into an interactive environment, with the Adaptive Vertical Sync preventing image tears too. Charge through your games most intense stages with ease whenever you like as there is a built in 4GB memory, perfect if you want to keep reliving your victory.

These latest gaming models will ensure gamers out there the ultimate experience, with enhanced graphics and sound Alienware will create the illusion of a fantasy world where you’ll be transported into the game every time you play.

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