7 Fashion Faux Pas Women Should Absolutely Avoid

One of the scariest things for anyone when they are going out in public, and particularly for women is when your clothes are not looking the best. From the simplest things to the most difficult to manage and even the uncontrollable at times, there are Fashion Faux Pas that all Women should aim to steer away from.

Exposed Bra Straps

This is one of the horrifying tales that you only hear rumors about. Whether or not you can even imagine it, having your bra straps hanging out the side can be the difference between looking your best and having people scoff at your outfit. Use a strapless bra alongside something to support your girls if you need to. If you find this has happened to you, ask your man to provide his fashionable jacket (we recommend the Barbour Dept B Jacket) to get you into a position to fix this little faux pas.

Wrong Underwear Color

Wearing the wrong color underwear is nightmarish for women, especially if it is black behind white. Having a black bra underneath a white shirt or dress can be horrifying for most women, as it becomes painfully obvious to anyone who has a look. While no one will point it out, you will take notice it and feel horrible about it. One of the best options here is to wait it out, there is not much you can do about this in the middle of an event. So breathe in, and tough it and look awesome for the next event.

Your Pants Are Too Short

While it is now acceptable like it wasn’t a long time ago to show your ankles off, having your pants too short will leave embarrassed when your shoes don’t suit your pants. While this might be an innocent accident, it is only avoidable by looking into a floor length mirror before going out for your day on the town. Be sure that you have pants long enough to cover up even the longest of your heels.

Wearing Short Shorts as You Get Older

After college, throw out your short shorts. Never be caught wearing short shorts as you get older, otherwise you will be getting a lot of looks. This is a serious faux pas if you find yourself doing it, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. They no longer look as good as they did, swap them out for some mid-length shorts and set yourself up for the future.

Wearing sneakers with Corporate Wear

Keep them separate. That is all there is too it. When you’re running and exercising, that is the correct time for wearing sneakers with your black clothing. There is nothing worse than seeing white shoes with black pants and having them stick out like nobody’s business. Make sure you stick to your heels or loafers for everything to do with business and we’ll be all good in this area.

Too Tight or Too Loose Clothing

One of the biggest mistakes that we see these days is people wearing clothing that simply doesn’t fit them for whatever reason. Whether the clothing sticks to their skin like it has been wet onto them or like the person just lost 50 pounds and hasn’t been shopping yet, fashion wise, neither looks good. Make sure that you have clothing that fits, or it might be time to donate your old clothes and look for some new clothes as soon as you can.

Stockings with Shorts

There is very few people that can pull this look off, and none that can pull it off well. Wearing stockings paired with a dress is brilliant, but when paired with shorts, it creates a cringe worthy look that people should always avoid. It is one of the best ways to show that you have either run out of options or you don’t care what items of clothing goes with what.  

There are a lot of ways that you can attempt to be fashionable and funnily enough, a lot of ways to be unfashionable. These are ways in which you can avoid looking unfashionable through small decisions that could come back to haunt you when you are out in the public eye.
Author Bio: 
My name is Hanna Jameson. I am someone who loves shopping for clothes, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, designing clothes for myself and my friends and keeping a close watch on what's in vogue. I am fortunate that my day job is fashion merchandising as it allows me to indulge in things that I anyway love.
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