5 Must Have iPhone Gadgets And Accessories

Do you get the most out of your iPhone? Apple products are undeniably very functional devices, but there are also many insanely cool side products that can make your iPhone experience much better. The most widespread are docks/stands, earphones, speakers, creative cases and alike. But apart from these common accessories there is a plethora of amazing gadgets, maybe some that you haven’t seen before or heard about. So, let your iPhone get a second wind - check out a list of the most amazing iPhone gadgets and accessories.

#1 Wristband + iPhone Application

One of the most popular iPhone accessories are wristbands that synchronize with the dedicated iOS apps installed on your iPhone. These let you monitor your daily activity. The scope of functions of these bands amazes: not only they count your steps, your burnt calories, inactive time, hours of sleep, sleep phases and sleep quality, but also check your waking moments and heartbeat. One of the most advertised iPhone wristbands is Jawbone Up - it lets you understand better your daily activity, set up goals and monitor your accomplishments and even compete with friends! It’s very engaging and addictive :).

#2 Agloves

This is a must have gadget, unless you live in a hot climate. These gloves allow you to use the touchscreen of your phone without sacrificing your comfort. There are many other gloves on the market offering similar function, yet by far Agloves are the benchmark: they are the most responsive and accurate. Agloves aren’t very expensive, you can buy those for $19.99-$29.99.

#3 Smartphone Controlled Ball - Sphero

Sphero gadget is nothing you’ve seen before. This cute robotic ball is controlled with the help of your tablet or smartphone. You can make it tilt, swing, roll just with a few simple actions. Sphero takes gaming to a new level - it delivers an amazing mixed-reality experience with both multi-player and single games. Sphero producers promise to improve the ball even more - they say it will continue to surprise and challenge you. At the moment this funny gadget is available for $129.99.

#4 Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor is another health-oriented device allowing you to track your cardiovascular system professionally. One of the most popular models, Withings monitor, for example, measures diastolic, systolic blood pressure and heart rate. It coordinates with any iOS devices to provide detailed health data tracking. It’s rather easy to use. This gadget is available for $122.39.

#5 Wireless Speakers

Compact and portable, wireless speakers are real godsends for music fans. One of the most popular brands, JAMBOX speakers by Jawbone deliver incredibly rich and detailed sound and also have a very stylish look. Their battery serves ten hours without recharging. JAMBOX speakers come with software helping you get the most out of these cute boxes.

Besides these, there are many other cool gadgets you can sync with your iPhone. So, if you’re serious about upgrading your Apple device, you may start by selecting a creative case on http://www.xcases.com.au/iphone/iphone-5-cases.

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Hi, my name is Aleksey, I'm a 28-year old blogger and webmaster. I enjoy discovering unusual, creative iPhone gadgets and accessories. One of my favorite, inspiring web resources is  http://www.xcases.com.au/iphone/iphone-5-cases.
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