5 Greatest Inventions In The Modern World

We underestimate the things we get on a platter; the most important inventions in the modern world are so easily available, that their importance is not appreciated well enough.

 But just imagine spending one day without them and you will know how important they are, such landmark inventions include:


Apparently the oldest wheel mechanism was found somewhere in the year 3100 B.C. Imagine life without wheels now, the uses of this simple invention are so many that normal daily activities seem impossible without a pair of wheels. From cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes, toy trains and even shopping carts you will see the wheel wherever you go. It will haunt you till you don’t admit that it is the greatest invention ever. 


Apart from being the most popular clique in “Mean Girls”, plastic has various other uses which might just be far more important. Its varieties include vinyl chloride, nylon, polyesters and silicone and it is used in most of the products you see around you. That coffee cup, the water bottle, your lunch box, all plastic and these are just the things right beside you at this time (probably).

Printing Press: 

When Johann Gutenberg combined the idea of block printing (used by the Chinese since the 11th century) with a screw press (which is used for wine and olive oil production) he surely didn’t know this would be a tool for the biggest modern day awareness campaigns and political and social movements across the world. His advanced usage of printing blocks helped revolutionize ink and paper, created the biggest newsletters and pamphlets and the world was never the same. Due to the reach of the printing press, a kid in India may have an extensive knowledge about Barack Obama’s foreign  policy and kid in the United States might just be finding out who Shahrukh Khan is.


Since Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph, it became a fad to develop more fancy ways to communicate (the process is still on), the telephone basically refined the idea of telegraph by putting in voice communication instead of written communication to be transmitted through wires. Wirelessly transmitting signals was the next step which was grandly taken by Guglielmo Marconi and Nikola Tesla (amongst others who had begun work on it) in the 20th century which resulted in radio, and when images could be sent it formed the basis of a television. This and the printing press are responsible for the world to now be called a global village. 

Chocolate Bar: 

Yes, it is by far the best invention ever. Forget the World Wide Web or the light bulb, the biggest British contribution to society is in a form of cocoa bliss, the chocolate bar. The great, noble JS Fry & Sons of Bristol in 1847 decided to solidify chocolate (which were primarily consumed as a beverage then) and sell them as bars. They mixed cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter making it solid in normal room or cold temperature which melts the moment it makes contact with your mouth. Thank you Britain, you are great, really. 

These are the life changing inventions which were made back then, modifications are made but the foundation remains the same.

Author Bio:

John Walters is a sales executive who enjoys writing articles that mainly focus on his work experiences at RIMCO Pty Ltd, a company that deals in polyurethane moulding. He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge regarding design and inventions through his articles.
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