5 Industries That Are Making The Best Use Of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has been able to help many different industries in terms of improved speeds and scalability, but there are a few industries that are revolutionizing the world with cloud technology. A few of these you might recognize from your everyday life, while others won’t be as obvious. If your company belongs to one of these industries, then you are behind and you need to upgrade as soon as possible to catch up.

Movies and Entertainment

It requires a lot of resources of stream a movie, show or even a song. A traditional network would have a hard time streaming thousands of songs at about 5MB each, or dozens of movies at 1GB to 2GB each. A traditional network can hardly handle the always fluctuating needs of a streaming provider.

Large service providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple rely on cloud technology. One reason for this is convenience. Cloud servers allow people to see the same files regardless of their device. The servers can also save the person’s position so that if the file is stopped, it can be started from where the user left off.

Cloud servers also improve utilization. As stated above, streaming movies and music takes a lot of power. A traditional network can’t be fully utilized because this can lead to a crash, and companies are always trying to avoid this situation. A cloud network can better utilize the servers because they are made to pick up the slack from the last server.

Storage and scalability are also important to this industry because new files are constantly being added to the network. According to a recent guide, “the ideal cloud implementation provides scalability that automatically responds to your needs” (page 6 of How To Avoid A Storm In Your Cloud Installation, a free downloadable cloud computing e-book). 


The manufacturing industry is always pressured to move faster. Most products have a short lifetime expectancy, and companies need to keep inventing and producing new products to keep the public happy. While traditional networks have helped manufacturers, cloud computing is making things even better.

Faster communication times and rapid programs have helped manufacturers quickly produce products for clients. Not only that, but the cloud makes it much easier to run in-house equipment and satisfy the client’s exact needs.

Another major benefit is collaboration. There are more than a few people trying to produce a product. There are printers that make the packaging, designers that make the graphics, modelers that create a 3D model of the product, copywriters that create sellable content, producers that are working on the assembly of the product and many more. Efficient collaboration ensures that manufactures can avoid many terrible issues and improve production times.


While the adoption is fairly slow, the healthcare industry is rapidly changing due to cloud technology. Usually there is a barrier separating patient and doctor when it comes to information access. Not only that, but both sides don’t have complete access. The doctor may not know what other professionals have done to diagnose or help your condition, and you may not know what the doctor found when working with you.

Cloud technology fixes many of these problems. Both you and the doctor can easily access your medical records, images, reports and other files from a computer or mobile device. This gives you a much better idea of what is happening to you, and it makes it easier for a doctor to treat you since he or she knows what other professionals found or did while working with you.


Banks have already implemented networks that are fast, secure and easy to access on the customer’s side, but the cloud adds an essential benefit that banks have wanted for years. Each bank has a separate online portal and associated network to keep the information secure.

The cloud allows a single network to handle all of these portals simultaneously. This leads to faster online transactions, happier customers and better business.

Information Technology

The cloud is even changing the IT industry. It gives programmers and developers a new platform to test applications. Digital testing environments have been around for years, but the cloud presents a much larger environment that is difficult to emulate with a traditional network.

This also makes efficient collaboration much easier, which is essential when building a program of any type.


Cloud computing is used in many industries, but there are some that are having larger changes due to fully embracing the benefits of this new type of network. If you want to make the most of your company, then it's time to adopt the cloud into your business strategy.

Author Bio:
Linda Le is a professional writer for various technology businesses and organizations.

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