Top 5 Most Expensive Clothing Brands Of 2013

Many of us want to look different from other people, and this is natural. Our apparel expresses our lifestyle and speaks volumes about what we are. There are several ways to stay unique in what you dress: to design and sew the garments yourself or purchase exceptional outfits from the famous clothing brands :). You’ll be surprised to learn the sums fashion fans are willing to pay for a unique branded clothes! So, let’s look at the most expensive clothing brands of the year closer:


This brand has been a hot commodity ever since its debut in the 1950’s. Although this fashion house was founded by Valentino Garavani who retired in 2007, the brand continues to thrive due to the talented successors. Valentino’s designs are simultaneously elegant and bold. Their creative evening gowns have a knack of making women dish out thousands of dollars to get a single Valentino garment. Their fabulous wedding dresses are number one choice among celebrities and brides from wealthy families.


Gucci has climbed to the 41st position in the Interbrand rating of the TOP Global 100 Brands (2009). In 2008 Gucci’s worldwide revenue has reached € 4.2 billion. And this is for a reason :). Their upscale stores work as magnets attracting the wealthiest customers with a sense of fashion. Gucci designs clothing lines for both genders and is especially loved for their luggage and leather works. Because of this specialization they often partner with the most luxurious car brands (Cadillac, for instance) to design and produce the best leather interiors that bring the exceptional atmosphere of Gucci.

Louis Vuitton

Are there women who can resist temptation of buying an ultra modern handbag by Louis Vuitton? No list of the most successful, luxury brands would be complete without mentioning this fashion house. This recognizable brand was founded as early as in 1894. At the moment their inventory ranges from luxury trunks to elegant accessories, sunglasses, watches and shoes. Regarding their clothing line - it usually bears the name of the house’s fashion designer and creative director Marc Jacobs.


This Italian luxury merchandise is always in the all fashion ratings. Fendi is well known for their ‘baguette’ handbags. Their total assets make up $970 million. Apart from their branded handbags, the Company sells fragrances, footwear and accessories (mainly sunglasses). Fendi participates in many eco-friendly campaigns: currently they’re working on a line of handbags made out of recycled materials.


Started as a small leather works selling company in 1913, Prada fashion house is now owning a huge network of upscale boutiques all over the world. These days you can find Prada logo on literally everything that has something to do with high end fashion: from perfume and luggage to wines.

A single branded garment by one of the aforementioned fashion houses can cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are many other, less expensive brands offering high quality wear that won’t empty your pockets - just check out the latest Primark collections.

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