Has Technology Moved People Closer Together Or Further Apart?

We regularly give technology acclaim for being an amazing thing. Whether we’re looking at the internet, the latest smartphone, a new games console, or anything else, we never fail to be in awe at what technology can bring to our lives. One of the common features of technology, and one that is generally seen as a positive, is that it is seen to bring people closer together than ever before.

A Smaller World

Central to the discussion is this point. Technology has made the world a smaller place than ever before. How is this the case?

- Entrepreneurs can now have teleconferences with partners from around the world, as well as buy and sell products from these people.
- People can easily keep in touch with friends and family when they’re on holiday, or even if they emigrate, thanks to applications such as Skype, as well as social media websites.
- Certain websites, such as Twitter, have become popular for allowing ‘average Joe’ to interact with famous or influential people, and become closer to them than ever before.

From both a professional and a personal perspective, it is clear to see what technology brings to the world. Looking closer, what impact has it actually had on individual relationships?

The Fame Game and Interaction

Let’s get one thing clear right away. Talking to or otherwise interacting with celebrities on a platform like Twitter might seem cool, but it has absolutely no impact on society whatsoever. Just because Justin Bieber or Rihanna happen to retweet something you said doesn’t mean you have a BFF for life and should expect them to give you the full VIP backstage pass treatment next time they play in your town.
Yes, you might have some additional street cred for a while, but that’s about it.
What about from another perspective?

Technology and Business Relationships

In terms of business, there is no doubt that the ability to speak with people face to face without actually being with them is brilliant. As well as having the additional communication channel, business can save fortunes against the cost of flying around the world and paying for accommodation, and forge partnerships they otherwise might not have done.
At the same time, a business relationship between people who’ve never met is never going to be as strong as one where people have met, shaken hands, and built a rapport together. Technology can work, but not all the time.

Impact on Personal Lives

This is probably the point that causes the greatest debate, and there are two contrasting points to it.
Our earlier observation about keeping in touch with people around the world is the positive side, but what about the negative?
This comes from people who use technology to live out their social lives without actually meeting their friends. Today, people have conversations via Facebook or Twitter, amongst other social networks, with increasing regularity, rather than going for coffee or something to eat, for example. While technology has brought these people into closer, more convenient contact, from a social perspective, they are, in reality, moving apart.


Much of the debate surrounding technology comes down to personal perspective. How we use technology has changed how we live and work, without doubt. It is important, however, to see technology as a beneficial tool, rather than the only platform at our disposal, for building personal and professional relationships.

Author Bio:

Robert is a technology expert who regularly holds seminars to discuss the biggest issues in the industry, both from business and personal perspectives. Robert is currently preparing a course for businesses discussing the merits of VPS hosting, and is looking forward to rolling this out to his clients.
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