About World Of Tanks Online Game

World of tanks is an online game which is played by multiple players at a time. It also has achieved a Guinness World Record in the category of multiplayer online games on 23rd Jan 2011.At that time it was noticed by the Russian server that total of 91,311 players were playing the game simultaneously. However this record was again beaten on 13th April 2012 when European server recorded more than 305,000 players.

This online game was first developed by Belarusian Company which had featured the fighting vehicles of mid of 20th century. World of Tanks is put up on a business model where a player needs to pay a small amount of fee if he/she wants to accelerate to the advanced stage. The game is between one player to another (player vs. player) where each player controls rock-hard vehicle or a tank. At the occasion of World Cyber Games 2012 this game was introduced as an eSports game.

Types of Mode/ Battles In World Of Tanks

Basically there are four types of mode or battles in World of tanks:

1.   First is Random Battles which again has three types i.e. Standard, Encounter and Assault. In Standard Random Battle, the main aim is to get the flag or base of enemy and remove all the tanks of enemy in 15 minutes. If a player is not able to meet the deadline, then it means there is a draw. In Assault Random Battles a team of attacking players need to get base or flag of enemy team and remove all tanks within 10 minutes of time. If attacking team doesn’t meet the time deadline then it means that enemy team has won. In Encounter Radom Battles there is fight between two teams in order to get one neutral base and remove all the tanks of enemy within 15 minutes of time.  If one is not able to meet the deadline then it is a draw.
2.   The Second Mode in World of Tanks is Team-Training Battles. In this battle, a player has the choice to built a room and choose the map to engage in recreation. There are three decision modes for it i.e. open to public, or by invitation. This battle is like a recreation of battle in a room so that player can try diverse tank mechanics, learns new maps, calculated planning and movements. This room can also be used as a place to train others. In this mode a player doesn’t get any experience points or rewards.
3.   Third Mode in World of Tanks is Tank Company mode. In this mode a player can make a team in four parts which includes different needs of tier points. Available companies in four parts are Junior, Medium, Champion & Absolute.
4.   The Last and Fourth mode is Clan Battles mode.  It is one of the unique modes in World of Tanks. In this mode, players create their own clan wars for modest quantity of gold and fight with their enemies. On global map a Clan can land on a region in order to get certain amount of gold each day (have to fight with other clans that have already applied for landing).

Types of Vehicles Used in World of Tanks

There are five types of vehicles that are used in World of Tanks and these are Light, Medium, Heavy tanks, Tank Destroyers and Self Propelled Guns (known as Arty)
World of Tanks has got complimentary reviews, and currently has a Meteoritic score of 80 out of 100.

Author Bio:

Matthew Anton is a freelance gamer who has been playing World of Tanks video game for the past few years. He has lot of knowledge of the game and can help you in knowing about it.
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