Am I Safe Leaving my Laptop in My Hotel Room?

As someone who has traveled extensively and who always seemingly has some valuable piece of electronic equipment in tow so that I can continue my writing, I am always aware that people can have their valuable equipment stolen from them. A hotel, no matter how nice it is, is no exception. Although it would be nice to be able to say for sure that your equipment will be safe and that you will not have to worry about having your laptop stolen, I still hear reports of this happening all the time. Even in five star hotels that you've already sold your soul to get a room in. Heck, it even happened to the Ministry of Defense

Protecting Your Laptop

But that doesn't mean that having your laptop stolen is a foregone conclusion. I'm here to assure readers that you, without a doubt, can take a number of proactive measures to protect your laptop from being stolen. Here are a few things I always do when I'm traveling:

1.  Lock it in the safe:

 If your hotel offers an electronic safe, use it! Set your pass code for it right away and lock any electronic valuables in there any time you're not using them. Though, if you're at a hotel that has a traditional key lock on it you might be better served keeping your electronics in the safe deposit box usually offered by the front desk at most hotels.

2.  Won't fit? Use a locked cable: 

Is your laptop too big for the safe? That happens sometimes. In case it does, I almost always carry a metal cable with a lock on it that I can use to keep my laptop tied down. Lock it to something that can't be moved.

3.  Don't make it obvious you'll be gone all day: 

People are less likely to steal your laptop if they think you might show up any second. Don't leave obvious clues laying out that show you'll be away for a long period. Maybe even leave hints to make them think you'll be back soon.

4.  Pack well in advance: 

At least the night before you leave. This keeps you from packing in a panicked rush and then forgetting your valuables. Pack electronics first and other things like clothes and toiletries only afterwards so that you know you got everything.

5.  Don't assume that you (or your wife) packed everything: 

Check under the beds, in the bathroom, in all the drawers and cupboards, check the counters, check the kids room, any place you can think of, one last time before you leave.

6.  Get laptop insurance: 

If the worst does happen however, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're covered by a good laptop insurance policy such as that offered by Protect Your Bubble laptop insurance.
You want to be very careful with your electronic devices when you travel as they contain valuable data relevant to you and your clients and your work. We can't always watch over our laptops and other equipment as much as we would like to, but for those instances the tips above should definitely help in keeping your device, and your data, safe.

Author Bio: 

Laura Ginn is a professional blogger and world traveler. She writes extensively and always has a valuable piece of electronic equipment with her so she's an expert at keeping her equipment safe when she travels!
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