Some Clever Gadgets That Will Make Your Office A Better Place!

Spending around 8 hours per day in the same office can be a bit of a chore at times. It is nice to have a few handy distractions on hand that offer some function as well as creating a talking point. We have all seen the desk mounted punchball and the cat’s cradle stress reliever, but surely there must be something a little more ‘out there’ to bring into our daily routines. Well there are a number of cool gadgets just waiting for your office to adopt them, and this article looks at a few of them right now!

Hard Drive Clock – TECOART - $50

On first appearances this groovy clock tends to draw a gasp of silence followed by a nice big “Wow!’ It is coolness defined and keeps time pretty well also! It doesn’t actually use the hard drive as a base, because that would be pretty dull to be honest. Instead it employs a redundant SoundBlaster card and really looks the part. The hard drive is represented by a single platter that offers a lovely clock face for you to check out your reflection in. This is taking recycling to the max as you will never want to throw away an old PC again. This will prove to be a great conversation piece as well as functioning as an awesome office clock. The whole structure is only about 6 x 5 inches so it will not crowd out your desk as some cool gadgets tend to do.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags - $36

Talk about simple genius, because these lunch bags are going to save you a fortune in stolen sandwiches. They automatically turn a lovely fresh item of food into a mold infested piece of garbage! The green splotches on the outside of the PVC sealable bag resemble a nasty case of food mold.  There are several different models of lunch bags including the mothers’ favourite brown paper version. No matter how delicious your home made pie may be, nobody is going to touch your lunch ever again. Just make sure the cleaners don’t throw it into the trash can!

Multifunctional Magnetic Stones – Troika - $65

This product has it all, combining a cool design with a functional application, your office will fall head over heels with this awesome gadget! Essentially, these are a set of magnetic stones that have been selected in a set of different sizes. They balance perfectly on a circular base and can be used to keep your post-it pads in place, store your metal clips and pins, or just act as an alluring conversation piece. Pretty soon there will be a whole family of these magnetic stones taking over your office. Just be careful to keep your expensive wrist watch a safe distance away!

Jellyfish Tank - $300

We probably kept the coolest gadget until the end, but who can blame us? This desktop jellyfish tank actually has no real function, but we forgive it! There are a selection of jellyfish and normal fish to choose from and the device is so stunning, you will find it hard to concentrate on your work. The jellyfish are absolutely real and will require feeding at regular intervals. Although it is not cheap, it will certainly have the ladies in accounts popping by your desk more times than usual!

Happy Now?

4 great gadgets to help you get through the week, and some of them even have a feature that helps you work, what more could you ask for?

Author Bio:
Rose Jones, author of this article, works for an office supply company in Ontario. She is quite fond of her work and she likes to spend time with her family after work.
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