Top Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy S$, you are making an investment. The phone is not cheap. Even if you agree to a contract that brings down the cost of the phone, you are still going to have to pay something. If you have to replace your Samsung Galaxy S4 because it breaks or stops working, you will have to pay full price whether you have a contract or not. In order to protect your investment, it is a good idea to invest in a case for the phone.

There are many different cases that you can choose from for this phone. They range in price from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. Most people will spend around$20 to $50 for a case for their phone. The important question is not how much the cases cost. The important question is which case is the best to buy.

Basic Cases

The very basic cases will cover the back of the phone. They are usually made out of silicon or molded plastic. They will provide holes that allow you to plug in your headphones, micro USB plug and will allow you to take pictures.

These cases are relatively inexpensive. They will keep the back of your phone from being scratched and may protect your phone some when it is dropped. They will not keep your phone safe around water and other hazards. They also do not offer any protection for the display screen.

Flip Cover Cases

These cases protect the back of the phone in the same way as the basic cases. They have the same holes to allow access to the phone as the basic ones do as well. The difference is that they also offer a cover for the display of the phone. This is attached to the case with hinges or something similar to cover the display screen when it is not in use. When you need to access the screen, you just flip open the cover. When you are done, close the cover. These cases offer more protection than the basic covers, but will still not keep your phone completely safe.

Carrying Cases

These pouches will hold your phone and can be kept in a purse or attached to your belt. They offer more protection for your phone. They can be padded on the inside to protect the phone from damage if it is dropped. They can also prevent water from getting to your phone if it is spilled nearby. They do not offer complete protection from water and have to be opened up to get access to your phone.

Waterproof Cases

Otterbox is one of the popular brands of waterproof cases. These are solid cases that protect the phone if it is dropped. They also can be submersed in water for a short period of time without damaging the phone inside. The key to the success of these phones is to make sure they are closed when the phone is not in use.

In order to find out about the different type of cases it is a good idea to turn to an online retailer that is an expert at them. Allof the mobile cases that you need for your Samsung Galaxy S4 and they know how to give you the best service when it comes to cases for your phone.

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