Controlling Your House With A Smartphone

It may seem a little pie in the sky to be controlling some of your home’s features with a smartphone but the technology is within reach as more and more manufacturers are developing intricate settings and apps for their handsets.


One example of this is a device known as ‘Nest’.  This was developed by the same people who created the iPod.  It is a thermostat and has Wi-Fi capability.  With the help of an iPhone app it can be used to control the temperature of your home no matter where you are.   You may not want to leave the heating on while you are out and unless you have a timer system you are not able to control it.  As you leave work, simply connect and set the heating going so that you can come home to a warm house.  The device will then learn your patterns and work without you telling it to.

Home Security

A motion camera for your home security is something that many homeowners are considering now and this can now work in conjunction with your smartphone.  It can be set to alert you when it is going to record because it has detected motion and you can watch the footage no matter where you are.  It is ideal for those who are going away on holiday and who want peace of mind.

Also in the realm of home security are smart keys.  You can use your touch screen phone to monitor which doors are locked and unlocked at any one time and you will not have to carry keys around with you as you can unlock the doors with the help of your smartphone.

Pet Feeding

There are now pet feeders which can be controlled using your smartphone.  Many people are busy and it is not always possible to be home at the right time to feed the pet.  If this is the case with you then you can opt for a feeder that can be controlled remotely. 


Feeding the pets is not the only option; there are all kinds of kitchen gadgets which can be operated this way.  You can get out of bed in the morning and use the smartphone to get the coffee maker going without even setting foot in the kitchen.

Warm Up Your Car

This type of technology can also apply to your motor vehicle.  You can now use your smartphone to start your car engine and heater without leaving the house or unlocking the car.  This can save time and a great deal of discomfort for drivers who usually have to spend time clearing ice from their vehicle and sitting in the cold waiting for the car to get warm.

Are You Using Your Phone to the Full

There are many other options for the smartphone to help you around the home and it does depend upon having the right appliances in the house.  If you want to save time and effort then it makes sense to use the technology that has been developed and you will begin to wonder how you ever managed without it.

Author Bio:
PhilTurner bought himself a touchscreen phone recently and loves it. He can see how people become addicted to them.

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