Top 5 Accessories For Apple Products

 Apple fanboys and fangirls make hundreds of arguments as to why their tech product choices are the only ones that make sense. These run a gamut from the absolutely absurd (“They're white and pretty!”) to several that actually make sense, including the subject of this article: accessories. If you own an Apple product, particularly an iPad or iPhone, you have an easier time shopping for accessories. Other companies suffer because Apple makes a much smaller line of products than their competitors, allowing third-party manufacturers to perfect accessories.

What Makes a Great Accessory?

What makes the best iPad 2 cases, or iPhone 4s earbuds? The best MacBook Pro sleeve? 

There is a difference of opinion here, but the smart money comes down on the following:
-  Form – beauty, sleekness, and style
-  Function  actually working as advertised
-  Variety – availability in multiple colors and trims, and for multiple models
-  The “Wow” Factor  Some of the products in this list do things that make the eyes pop a bit.

The List

1.   Cases/iOS add-ons for iPhone:There are a lot of MacGyver-worthy iPhone cases out there. If you haven't upgraded to a better than standard case, you're in for a real treat.  There are iPhone cases out there that are nigh indestructible, or come with headphone clips, USB sticks, or swanky leather coverings. There are even cases that have a built in multitool.Yes, multitool. If that weren't enough, you can get additional add-ons to allow you to use your phone as a guitar amplifier, full-function digital camera, and more.

2.   IOS compatible miniature projectors:It would be hard to quantify how cool this technology actually is; most people probably aren't aware that their iPhone or iPad can project movies. Projectors for iOS can hook up to an iPad or iPhone and project video onto walls.

3.   Wall mount:There are a few convenient ways to wall mount your iPad on the market, and for good reason. Without resorting to juggling, iPad-driven tasks like cooking, teaching, or drawing can be difficult. You can put brackets and wall mounts wherever your iPad belongs – in the kitchen for hands-free recipes, in the living room for device and media control, or in the bathroom for … well, whatever you like.

4.   Cases for iPad:There are literally thousands of iPad cases, and some of them have far more bells and whistles than others, making it hard to figure out which are the best iPad 2 cases. From stylish numbers to elaborate keyboard-equipped affairs, the options are as varied as the personality of an iPad user. Tailor your choice to your life – if portability and travel are important, consider a latchless case with a slim profile. If productivity is your name, grab a bluetooth keyboard case. No matter your needs, there is an option for you.

5.   Styluses:Drawing on the iPad is useful for lots of reasons, and people have done some amazing things with it. On the other hand, using your fingers can leave your screen oily, and it's sometimes hard to get fine details. Fortunately, the market rose to the challenge and created any number of styluses and drawing tools to help with the process.  

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