Top 4 Benefits Of LED Lighting

So many changes have occurred in the last five years. The changes have both negatively and positively affected our day to day lives. One of the great changes has been in the technology world. There have been introductions of many amazing technologies that have promised to lower our energy needs. Most of us have heard the words LEDs and CFL. They are the latest technology in lighting and offer an alternative in replacing your standard lights. LED lighting has many advantages over the traditional lighting. Read on to see the many benefits of LED lights.

1.Environmental friendly

Most of us have seen a night-time photo taken via satellite; in such a photo, you will realize that all our big cities are full of light during the night. 20% of our global energy production caters for our lighting needs. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, in the year 2011, about 461 billion KWh of electricity was used for purposes of lighting in both the residential and commercial sector; this is equal to 12% of the total electrical consumption in U.S. The great need for lighting energy has led to many coal-fired plants. However, the use of LEDs and CFL can decrease the coal-fired plants and this will in return reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Basically, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. This is unlike most of the convectional fluorescent bulbs that contain many dangerous materials such as mercury. LED lights are also 100% recyclable.

2.Energy efficient

An incandescent bulb that produces around 800 lumens requires about 60W of power, while on the other hand a CFL needs 13 to 15 W and an LED lamp will only use 6 to 8 W. Basically the traditional incandescent bulb operates at 20% energy efficiency; this means 80% of electricity is lost as heat.

3.Longer lifespan

A long life is definitely one of the biggest advantages of LED lights. The LED life-span is 50,000 hours while the incandescent bulbs have a life-span of 1,200h. LED lighting is very different from the standard lighting. LED's don't really burn out or stop working like the standard light.

LEDs are also very durable and are built with sturdy components that are highly rugged and can therefore withstand very rough conditions. They are also resistant to shock, external impacts and vibrations. They make ideal outdoor systems for extremely tough conditions and exposure to wind, rain and other weather harsh conditions. This means they are great for traffic related lights, lighting towers and any other outdoor lighting.

4.Design Flexibility

Today LEDs have been used in many innovative ways. They are becoming the stained glass of many architectural designs. A good example is where the entire sides of a building are covered with moving LED displays.

LEDs can also be combined in any shape to produce super high efficient illuminations. A well designed LED illumination system can produce amazing lighting effects to both the eye and the mind.

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