Green Balcony Gardens

When space is limited it becomes necessary to utilize it in the best ways possible. Gardens can be a great tool to have, but sometimes our yard space is limited. Balcony gardens can be beautiful, and a good use of space.

These gardens can be installed in many different ways. It is important to work towards the greenest solution for your balcony garden. From constructing to cleaning make sure your balcony garden is as green as possible.


The possibilities for constructing a garden are endless. Being limited to the balcony changes the options, but not entirely. Instead of growing plants directly out of the ground, you now need a pot or something else to put them in. When choosing a container, make sure it is one that is eco-friendly.

The whole point of having a garden is to be eco-friendly right? It would be counterproductive to use materials that are harmful to the environment. Choose only the best when constructing your balcony garden.

Before starting up your small space garden, there are a few things to think about. Each balcony is unique, able to hold different levels of weight and girth. Learn the steps to take before investing in a balcony garden:

- Make sure your balcony can withstand the weight of the containers you use, this includes accounting for the weight of the soil and the actual plants

- Ensure that your plants will receive the amount of water they need, and if too much water is given, there is a drainage system in place

- Get the right type of soil for gardening in small spaces, make sure your plants get all the nutrients they need

By taking the proper steps beforehand, you can turn any balcony into an eco-friendly garden. Anybody can do it with a bit of effort.

Maintenance and Cleaning

These small gardens typically have low maintenance compared to a full-scale one. I have a friend whose family owns a tomato stand. In the summer, a large chunk of their time is devoted to this small business. I decided to help out one summer; it couldn’t be too bad right?

What I quickly found out was: one little tomato stand equals many acres of tomato plants. Between the planting, the weeding, and the picking, hours of my summer dwindled away. That’s not even mentioning the horrible backache that came associated with it.

They can keep the hard work associated with the tomato stand; I’ll take my balcony garden. The maintenance is much lower, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Any garden takes work. Keeping a small garden clean and eco-friendly is an important step.

You are creating and maintaining something healthy and eco-friendly, don’t ruin it by maintaining and cleaning any other way. Keep your food pesticide and chemical-free, even if you don’t have a large space to grow it in.

The possibilities are endless for your balcony garden. Take the steps to maintain it, and keep it green. You can get all the eco-friendly benefits you usually get from a garden and more in this small yet useful space.

Author Bio:
By Cassie Costner, Cassie works with Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Panhandle CR takes care of problems such as water damage, fire reconstruction, and mold removal.

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