5 Great Gadgets For Cars

You don’t need to be James Bond to have some of the coolest in-car gadgets around. Tech companies are now producing some of the sleekest, smartest goodies ever for petrol-heads to drool over.

1) Road Angel Gem

This nifty little device will warn motorists of anything up ahead which may cause trouble – from fixed and mobile safety cameras to road black spots and congestion charge zones. It’s packed with great features, such as eAssist, which connects you straight to the emergency services. Through a connected community, it also allows you to share revised road speeds with other users, and alert them of live safety camera vans. The system is available from around $150.

2) Prestigio Roadrunner HD Car Video Recorder

This smart piece of kit records your every turn in full HD quality – it’s a fantastic little gadget if you ever find yourself on the long arm of the law, whether it’s for an accident that wasn’t your fault or being accused of skipping a red light. Not only that, with a 2.5” TFT monitor, it’s great for keeping an eye on the passengers in the back – especially for those troublesome kids! Prices start at around $90.

3) Race Capture Pro

For those that push the pedal to the metal on a regular basis, the Race Capture Pro from Autosport Labs will let you know what you’re doing right and, more importantly, wrong. This open source system captures 25 channels of sensor data – useful for amateurs and pros alike – with real-time telemetry. It also allows you to share the data online instantly in one of the many packages, which start from just over $300. Originally, the manufacturing costs for it were crowd sourced. To date, almost double the original manufacturing costs target has been raised. 

4) Ecco GPS Keychain

This GPS tracking system is a tiny gadget, but irreplaceable for those of us who sometimes struggle to make our way back to the car in a large car park or strange city. Simply ‘lock in’ your car when you’re leaving it, and when you’re ready to head back, turn on the keychain – it will direct you with a large arrow, and estimate how far away it is. It works up to 9,999 miles away for even the most lost motorist, and a single charge will last a month on standby or two weeks with regular use. Prices start from around $90. 

5) Yada BT13265 Wireless Reversing Camera

With more cars on the road and parking spots seemingly becoming tighter every day, having someone or something to guide you into a space is increasingly useful. This model easily mounts to a licence plate, and wirelessly connects to a 3.5” TFT monitor. It has both a colour and night vision option meaning that, whatever the lighting conditions, you can avoid easy mistakes and nasty bumps and scratches. Available for around $200.

With so many companies developing the latest and greatest in-car technology, there will always be something great to help modify your vehicle, so that it becomes the envy of everyone else on the road. You don’t necessarily need Jag or Ferrari to feel like you’re driving one.

Author Bio:
 Alex Johnson is a freelance writer and motoring fan based in Oxford.
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