4 Fantastic Mobile Apps For Fashion Fanatics

Are you a hardcore fashion devotee? Want to stay up-to-date with anything and everything related to the fashion world? Looking to create a stunning fashion statement this summer? You needn’t worry about a single thing – technology has you covered. Listed below are four fabulous fashion apps that every budding fashionista should definitely have a look at.


Want to follow the hottest parties in the fashion world from around the globe? Looking to keep yourself up-to-date with fashion and party news? If yes, look no further than Style.com – arguably one of the best apps available in the market, as well as one of the leading sources for keeping up with all that juicy and interesting fashion news that you can’t do without. Be it superb high-quality runway videos, photos, reports, fashion reviews, news, latest runway shows by popular designers, coverage of popular fashion shows, or blog entries from the website Style.com, this ideal fashion app has it all. So wait no more and download this amazing app to keep yourself informed.


Looking for some style inspiration? Want to have a look at the hottest fashion trend setters from around the globe? Want to know what suits your style the best? If yes, Pose is one cracking app that you should definitely consider downloading onto your smart phone. The app allows you to share and follow the latest trends, looks, and brands with top bloggers, celebrities, fashion icons, like-minded fashion buffs, friends, and so on. This is the perfect app to collect and save your favorite looks, ideas, products, or items for purchasing later. Right from nail paint to shoes to fashion accessories, fashionable outfits and what not, use this brilliant app to create your collection and shop for these incredible looks!

ShopStyle Mobile

Why waste your time and energy hopping from one store to another, when you can browse through your favorite stores, brands, sales, and what not, sitting within the comforts of your home, at the tap of your finger?  Yes, that’s right – instead of you going shopping bring the shops home! This is exactly what ShopStyle does. This incredible app lets you browse through over 300 retail stores and over 100 e-commerce sites for trendy clothing and accessories. Besides, the app makes your search all the more easier and convenient, by allowing you to filter by keyword, brand, category, store, color, size, and sales. You can then create your very own wish list and save items for purchasing later, or if you fall for a particular item immediately, get forwarded to an online retailer and purchase it – super! If that wasn’t enough, the app even sends alerts on your phone when there are sales of your favorite brands and products going on – how cool is that!

Lucky at Your Service

Lucky at Your Service is yet another marvelous app that helps you track down the best accessories, beauty products, clothing, and apparel, online on the internet. If that isn’t enough, this intelligent app also allows you to use your phone’s GPS in order to track down retail outlets in your vicinity. Once you’ve set your eyes on a product or item that you like, the app will then direct you to the online retailer in order to make the purchase. Or, if you’re game to go pick it up yourself, it will let you know about the availability of stores in your vicinity. Moreover, the Lucky team will also call the store to see if your desired size and color is available, and will ask for it to be set aside for pick up that very same day – wonderful! So what download this fantastic app and have your very own personal shopping assistant right inside your pocket!

Author Bio:
Mary Gomes is a fashion designer by profession. She works on some high profile assignments and by her own admission human hair extensions come in very handy. She is a tech buff and has some of the choicest gadgets at her disposal.

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