5 Best Cloud Based Apps

There are a lot of apps on the market today, but the most popular ones are the cloud based apps. Study streams of apps are hitting the market and the some of the most popular ones are highlighted below.

1. DropBox 

Just about everyone is starting to realize the benefits that come with online cloud storage. This is, after all, is much easier than carrying a portable drive everywhere. People that lose flash drives on a regular basis will definitely see the value in signing up for a DropBox account.
When people use DropBox they don't have to worry about leaving files at home. They will have access to their files wherever they go. The great thing about this app is that the desktop version can be loaded on multiple computers. This allows people to synch all of these computer files regardless of the PC that they are working on. When they use the app on their mobile devices they will have the most up to date apps available wherever they are.

2. OneNote

The OneNote app has become one of the apps that people use when they want to store everything. People can create tabs for random thoughts or upload pictures and documents. This app is perfect for just about anyone that is trying to centralize all of their information today. People that want to log into OneNote will have the ability to set up multiple tabs and separate their content by subject.

3. Mix Cloud

When people want to experience a mix other than their own they should check out mix cloud. There are so many mixes posted here in a wide range of different categories. People can think of the MixCloud platform as an app with podcast type mixes and audio files that they don't have to subscribe to.
The Mix Cloud has become the platform that people can use when they want to share their mixes with the rest of the world. This is something that is gaining a lot of attention with professional and amateur disc jockeys. The end result is a wonderful collection of mixes from all over the world.

4. Kindle Cloud Reader

Millions of people have replaced their physical libraries with eBooks. All of the Kindle Readers have taken a liking to the Kindle Cloud Reader app, but this is just the beginning. The app is even available for people that don't have a Kindle. People that have an iPad or iPod can also use this app. Amazon will occasionally give users free eBooks and this has made the app even more popular over the years. 

5. NetFlix

Amazon also provides services for another one of the best cloud based apps for mobile device users. This app is NetFlix. This is one of the most popular platforms for entertainment. Netflix has millions of subscribers that use this app to watch all of their favorite movie and television series. 
The ability to use this app for such a low price makes this entertainment very valuable for a large number of consumers. Many people are even canceling their cable subscriptions and using NetFlix as their primary form of entertainment. 

The cloud apps are becoming some of the most valuable data access apps on the market. These web streaming apps can save lots of time.

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